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Thread: Clothes - when?

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    Clothes - when?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one asking when do we get clothes (no armor qualities but also no weight)? I'm a bit tired of everyone running around naked or in starting clothes, I would like to unleash Jean Paul Gaultier or Karl Lagerfield in me.

    Do we get it with comfort?

    Armor is nice to have but do also allow us to weap capes for example to hide the armor levels we have, at least a bit, which would have some tactical advantage sometimes.

    In short: Give us clothes.

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    the cloth armor doesn't really qualify as armor its worse than grass. tailoring is clothing fyi, i think what you ment to ask for is more variety of clothing.

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    I want clothes that affect nothing but looks (and potentially comfort)

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    that would be basically clothing IE tailoring.

    So again your asking for more variety, which i believe has been suggested before so we have some things to make with our 20 different fabric types and 10 different colors.

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