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    I'm looking for a new since Apache is dead. The website is down and our ts3 server won't work.

    Xsyon Experience: Been playing since closed beta so I know what to do but the coordinate system still confuses the shit out of me.

    My Known Professions: Scavenging, Fishing, Basketry, and Cook(when it comes out)

    I'm looking for a tribe with atleast 5+ players on at all times, must have vent/ts3 cuz my house is too fucking quiet it and I get scared :[. I want a tribe that can instantly invite me instead of me applying on a website and waiting for like 20 days to get a reply. I wanna get my invite and get to work to provide for the tribe. Once I get a reply I will remake a character you pick what role you want me to play, crafter, combat/hunter, or witch doctor(when they release it)

    I'm on my character now named Gragas I'll check on here every 5 mins for a reply or you can whisper me in game.

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    Come check out AR (zone 904, 300,500). We certainly don't have 5 players online at all times and no tribes does. But we do have 5 pretty active players, a few that are somewhat active, a few who hardly play, and 30 others who don't play. We have vent but we dont really use it anymore, since not enough people are active. But during launch there was always 10 people in there chatting it was quite fun

    Good luck Thraz/Gragas

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    Also you may want to check out Pawnee we have 14 active players and yes many evenings we have 6 or 7 players activly on at one time.

    We are not pvp focused like apache was. we are more builders, and hunters and traders.

    Just Whisper LaughingOak in game. oh, btw we are in the middle of a tribe upgrade if that says anything

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    checked just right now both tribes are empty

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    Sorry to hear your old is dormant I wish you luck in finding a new one.

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    Pawnee Is actually still growing. We are not going anywhere, fully committed to staying, and since many of us are older, we seem to have better patience. Most of us have been through tough times and slow-downs in a lot of games. As there is steady ( slow mind you ) progress here, we are just plowing ahead.

    We chatted in game Gragas. You just caught me during some crazyness. We were doing a 10 man upgrade, only to discover that the 2 homesteaders on both sides of us prevented me from re-dropping a 10 man there. SO... lowered it back to 9 and dropped. We will either have to work it out with our neighbors, wait for totem decay or move.

    We need all types of players, pick a roll YOU enjoy. If you enjoy the game and need players that also want to keep it going, WE are a good fit for you.

    Just whisper LaughingOak, BruceMacDog, Bearfoot or any Pawnee for an invite.

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    Apache is not dead nor gone, there is some issue going on with Geronimo and we moved to a new webhost.

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    was gonna say.. you are pretty active toktok, even though 1 man doesn't make an active tribe, I was under impression you guys were pretty active.

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    yeah figures out these bastards are still around so I'm gonna stick around with apache

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