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    Cool ~Expletive Deleted~

    Caused by none other than MrDDT and his crony, substance abusing friends!

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    Should we hold our breath? =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT View Post
    Should we hold our breath? =P
    Maybe some people should more than others, what do you think people am I right.

    Yes MrDDT has yet again proved what an "Oxygen Thief" he is. I'm just glad I didn't do anymore work to the area and found him out early, Nice one MrDDT you've created another one of you within the game instead of a peaceful trader, Well done old man

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    very interesting.. and since calling yourself the bank I assume you will eventually do loans, loan sharking... and prostitution .. XD

    Added after 12 Hours 3 minutes:

    was just about to order a quantity of bricks for barter town now you closed doors... man.. just like wall street...

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    There goes the bank.
    He got upset tonight, started deleting stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCalGooey View Post
    What happened?
    apparently, tnt channel is coming to xsyon... you know... "they know drama" .. XD

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    Truth of the story is this.

    The_Bank AKA Nabna, made an agreement with my tribe for protection, and non aggression pact. About 1 week ago.

    Today, one of my members killed a Dev near our totem (Not breaking the aggression agreement which was not to attack anyone near the bank or on the road to the bank, our totem is on the other side of the water, that agreement stated that anyone on that side of the water is fair game). Our member looted the dev, and got some shovel and some high level leather armor (dyed blue or some such colour).

    Nabna, wanted the armor and asked our member to trade/sell it to him, as others in the area were doing the same. Our member didnt want to sell nor trade it. Time went on with Nabna asking for it here or there, and my member was out in the open near the bank, and Nabna attacked, killed, and looted some of the armor.
    Having found this out, I goto talk to Nabna, and he started saying in public how he has the armor. When I get to talking to him I hear his side of the story, and he started saying how this member has been attacking him all the time. I told him well why didnt you say something to me. He started to say how I was bad and wouldnt have cared. I told him that killing and looting during a non aggression agreement was breaking that agreement and if he didnt make it right, I would be forced to end it.

    After finding out that I wasnt just going to let this go, and understanding he broke the deal that made it safe for trading to happen in that area safely. He got upset and started crying. Also a few others like Anna started saying how "The_Bank" was 2 faced and scamming people (I dont know the details on that, will find out more tomorrow).

    So here we are with Inyuk_Chuck and Nabna upset and deleting his stuff. Then they were attacked and killed a few times, and he got more upset after being looted. He started running around naked attacking everyone and saying bad things and trying to spread lies.

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    i have to say I was looking forward to this
    it was a great idea
    now enjoy the choice you made
    hope you stay and have your fun another way

    close DDT
    but thats not really how it doesn't matter much
    its sad to see such a good amount of time, effort and concept go to waste

    he never asked me for the armor

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    Wowee a long winded post but MrDDT trying to yet again justify showing yet another player the way, the truth and the light. Honestly MrDDT I'm so proud of you for showing me the truth of this game. First point, its ok for anyone that is in your tribe, including you to attack anyone, take their stuff and go about your merry way, but if anyone else does, you're like "Oh No You Dihan't". Second point is there is always going to be someone that for whatever reason will try to mess with a good thing you are trying to do lesson being "Can't win, Don't Try". Last but not least by a long shot, you may think you know people ingame but I actually have friends ingame that have you on thier KOS list and if they didn't before they will now. Have fun not being able to leave your tribal area once the PvP is fixed, you're a 1 hit wonder now. Listen to this carefully Who else can't wait to get MrDDT back for all the "More righteous than thou" attitude he has perpetrated upon these lands. Honestly MrDDT where's your statue.

    We know the game and we're gonna play it "Mr1HitWonder"

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