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    Falling satellites

    As a means of getting rare ingredients into the hands of crafters, and in keeping with the post-apocalyptic them, have random satellites fall and crash into the ground.

    These would have smoke emanating from them, which could be seen from afar. There would be a mad dash to get there, get stuff, and leave before groups came to seize the prize. Definitely a reason to PvP.

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    I like this, reminds me of beacons in entropia, big appeal factor there to me. can be broadened to be weapon crates discovered etc... various events.

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    Most satellites are created to burn up in the atmosphere by design. Yeah you might get some pieces that slip through (probably badly damage)...

    But if you don't want to get technical.... sure, great idea .

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    Smoking trail for a few hours in the sky people making mad dashes to see where it lands, I smell pvp

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    I think that sounds amazing

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    Yes this sounds neat.

    Add meteors for a false positive. You wouldn't know until you get there. Then you could allow it to happen more often, and people could make a profession of sorts out of it. Satellite Chasers!

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    Oh dear ahahaha what an idea.

    Give us gates first and then take down sattelites from the sky But I would like to see a smoking trail in the sky once.

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    Best idea of the week or even month idea !

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