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    The main points of my suggestion thread are simple.

    To Provide suggestions
    To Increase player spirit
    To Increase Community growth/participation
    To Help

    I will try to keep up to date on recent updates/suggestions, but obviously can never "know" them all, so I apologize for any re-posts.
    As of this posting myself and 3 close "Real Life" friends play the game.

    That being said I will update this thread with suggestions as I/We go on.

    Added after 19 minutes:

    First and foremost, the game is a lot of fun, and we can see GREAT things coming from it if updates are kept, well up to date, and if certain features are realized and released sooner, than later.

    Some initial ideas / thoughts / hopes from the last few days of playing/testing.

    Building Related
    • Building radius benefits
      -- Players within radius of buildings could gain bonuses such as:
      - I.E. Granary
      1. Hunger Bonuses (maybe allow the hunger bar to fill into a "yellow" color to represent a fed bonus")
      2. Increase rewards of eating food
      - I.E. Loggers Hut
      1. Wood production increased
      2. Production times increased
      ^^ Just a few, use your imaginations. Simple bonuses to buildings would make them more worthwhile to craft, give them purpose.
    • Housing / Population Limits
      -- Require a housing type buildings to be placed to increase totem/tribe capacities and or bind stone capacities.
      1. A basic homestead would allow 1-3 Binds w/o a house
      2. To upgrade to band, would require one housing unit
      --- So on, again imagination.

    Sound / Environment
    • Ambient Sounds
      -- Crickets / Frogs / Birds / Owls / Wolves
      -- Wind / Air blowing

    Human Transportation
    • Basic
      -- Rafts

    • Mining / Caving / Rocks
      -- Terraform Rock w/ Picks
      -- Construct Mines W/ Picks - Supports - Tools
      -- Smoother Terraforming Tools

    Decay - Probably the most important of anything, remember this is an MMO not a Singleplayer - Inactivity = Decay = Better Realism -
    • Terra decay is needed
      -- Terrain that has been terraformed should decay if not traversed / used / upkept by some way or form
      -- Terrain thats been modified should raise/lower itself over time based on weather/use/upkeep [aka revert if nothing else]
    • Building Decay/upkeep needed
      -- Decay timers should be placed to prevent "trash" spam
      -- Decay for buildings, something as simple as requiring certain buildings to have upkeep every few days/weeks based on materials.
      [this would prevent buildng spam / trash / abandoned projects]
      -- Totem decay if tribe inactive for such amount of time / use
      ^^ The game is cluttered with mis-fit abandoned projects, totems, items, roads, mounds of dirt that have ruined areas, so on... Very dis-heartening at first, maybe not an issue as of yet, but given time it will just keep piling up.
      - The surrounding area we settled [within 10mintues of walking/running] has 18 areas that we've recorded in which the terrain has been modified, "destroyed" and abandoned. [We are on the far outter reaches of the map, about 20-30minutes from a "newbie" spawn point]
      - There are several 1 man totems littered throughout the area from the newbie starting zone, all the way to our settlement.
      - There are several 1-5 man constructed projects half finished, according to neighbors by players that have not been on since last wipe.
      [These are just a few examples of many from a new player perspective, as to why decay is needed and very important.]

    Added after 12 Hours 27 minutes:

    Some quick things today..

    Music / Bard
    -- Lute / Flute / Banjo
    1. Allow players to craft musical instruments
    2. Fanfare / Musical productions raise "faith/energy" or reduce hunger levels.
    3. Music can also be used pre battle IE drums and or to "summon" help,
    4. Musical instruments would increase "fun factor / tribal" play

    Even something basic like a snare drum that could be heard in the distance would be a nice game addition, something tiny and meaningless, providing several uses.

    Random Stashes / Caches
    -- Randomly generated / seeded stashes or caches.
    1. Gives players a reward for exploring
    2. Provides random items found scavenging or any other ideas
    3. Increases "things to do/find"
    4. Encourages exploration and that "there is something new out there" feeling.

    Update 3

    Thanks for the comments

    After playing for a few hours with friends, again today/tonight, and discussion.

    Building & Totem Decay / Salvage [more ideas]
    -- Buildings could Decay AFTER a totem has decayed
    -- Totem Decay could be set at 7days inactivity[OR begin a 7day timer, and buildings could become salvageable 72hrs after totem decay, after 72hrs buildings decay completely after 7days of totem inactivity / lack of upkeep.
    1. UPKEEP: Process of placing a small amount of materials into a building/constructed object, similar to fuel.
    Upkeep Example: Limestone wall - Upkeep 5 Mortar 10 Limestone per week.
    Reasoning: The above system would first do a Totem check, if Totem is active then only the upkeep timer would apply, if the totem was inactive first the salvage timer would kick in, then the decay timer afterwards, thus giving a player a chance to come take over the structure with a new totem, and or salvaging the structure before it decays.

    If neither happens, the structure would simply decay, and turn into a junkpile, thus returning it to the world to be salvaged.

    Thus allowing structures to decay safely, and allowing a player adequate time to "save" their work / upkeep it in a timely realistic fashion. Also reducing abandoned and ro trash spam from players that have long since quit, or "ruined" areas.

    Item / Object Weight / Character Weight Cap [Review]
    Self Explanatory
    Yes, there is an encumbrance system, but that doesn't stop anyone from carrying #### amount of "stone" or any object for that matter.
    Reasoning: Players can potentially convert themselves to mobile storage bins/pack mules. Thus if performed properly a decent player operation can acquire set amounts of inventory items, with ease.

    Con: This allows players to easily Horde materials, and never have to micro manage/gather after a good session of doing such.

    This then in turn removes the entire aspect of "gathering" certain items, which thus then breaks a mechanic of the game.

    Update #4


    Roads / Transportation [Road infrastructure should be established]
    - Road construction should require STONE
    1. Basic granite road = Hammer & Chisel - 1 Granite 1 Dirt
    Reasoning: To REDUCE road spam, road trash, make players "work" to create roads. Roads then become further time/gathering investments, as wel as requiring dirt to create, thsu requiring terraform access/trade.
    - Roads could have tiers of increased movement / energy reduction
    1. Granite T1[1x Granite 1x Dirt] - Limestone T2 [3x Limestone 2x Dirt 1x Mortar]- Basalt T3 [5x Basalt 2x Dirt 2x Mortar]
    Reasoning: To increase use of stone, to make road construction more realistic, to increase travel speed. To make roads investments, as well as open possibilities to increase trade, terraform work.
    2. Terraform & Masonry skill checks to create roads.
    - T1 Road 25 Terra 15 Mason
    - T2 Road 50 Terra 30 Mason
    - T3 Road 75 Terra 45 Mason
    Road Decay
    Road Decay is a must, just as important as building/totem decay.
    -- Road construction could be based on sections.
    1. Road sections could be 1-5 or 1-10 sections long, but still requiring the character to construct each individual portion.
    2. Road sections then require a weekly upkeep
    3. Materials could be based on "1/3" original materials of the entire sections. OR "special" materials could be utilized.

    Storage Chests [woodworking]
    Twice as much space as a container, But un-moveable, similar to buildings.
    Once placed it can be positioned, once materials are put in, it is then placed.
    Reasoning: To reduce container spam, to allow better organization of goods.

    Walls / Totem Enclosing
    If a total is ##% "enclosed" by Walls a bonus is given within Totem radius
    -- A Safety / Rest bonus
    -- A Crafting speed bonus [.5 Seconds goes a long way]
    -- Crafting success increased by 1%
    Use imagination for other ideas, however, nothing MAJOR but to encourage Tribal advancement, and civilization growth.

    Plenty more Ideas / Reviews / Suggestions to come.
    Goodnight / Morning / Afternoon to all.

    Update #5
    A little tired tonight but wanted to keep to it.

    -- A way to determine month / season

    - Period

    -- Bridges
    -- Cosmetic / Atmosphere / Decorations
    I.E. Stretched Hides, Clothes Racks, Cooking Pots, Flower/Plant Beds [Gardens]

    -- Looms
    1. Help with tailoring production
    I.E. One could put in an abundance of items, work the loom and get out an abundance, rather than individually making Thread, into string, into twine.... over... and over.... and over... and over.... and over.... and over... and over... and over... [yes I typed that]
    -- Types of Ore
    -- Smelt-able into Metals

    Item / Building Placement
    -- Grid based placement
    To assist with easier placing of objects and better organization.
    -- Upgrade building movement UI [as it is presently VERY buggy]
    -- Upgrade Terraforming [also buggy, and sometimes frustrating]

    Atmosphere / Environment
    -- Thunder


    We are hoping as I am sure many in the community are. Of seeing some features and improvements added in here soon.

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    Wow! Great ideas I really like all these, they all make perfect sense, and would GREATLY enhance the game I feel. I really hope the devs see this. I would most definatly use your bard system!

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    This game is definitely lacking in ambient sounds. Good post. I was going to do one of these posts eventually

    Building decay is bad though. Maybe cloth tents would wither away with enough poor weather, nothing else building related realistically decays though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCalGooey View Post
    This game is definitely lacking in ambient sounds. Good post. I was going to do one of these posts eventually

    Building decay is bad though. Maybe cloth tents would wither away with enough poor weather, nothing else building related realistically decays though.
    Building decay may not be realistic, but for gameplay it has to be added in. Hopefuilly this game will one day attract a larger audience and for "trial buyers" to come in for a week, make a little camp, and abandon it to never Return, is going to clutter up the world and make it look messy and overall bad.

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    Totem decay has been talked about and it's a good idea. I approve of building decay, in areas which are not claimed by anyone. So yeah after the totem decayed (or if everyone abandoned tribe) then buildings would be able to decay. I'm okay with that.

    Yeah, it's not working as intended to allow players to put 5000 limestone bricks in their basket. Then have a tribe mate kill them and go back to totem with all the bricks...sigh. So many things like this just weren't thought through by, so many. Either that or they are just unintended consequences yet to be dealt with.

    edit: Also, I really disapprove of up keeping of limestone or any stone walls (unless it was in an unclaimed area, those can decay for purposes of keeping the game world clean for active players) I don't mind having to repair them from siege damage.

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    well organized and thought out, I like your post.

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    All great ideas. Ive not seen a flaw with any of those ideas.
    I also believe that roads should be much faster. Or at least leave them the same speed, but make carts/sleds when they come into the game go 5x faster on roads (varies depending on road type).

    I think the upkeep on items should be based on what they are. Things like metal walls and stone walls should be a lot less than wooden ones.

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