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    Equilibrioception (Balance) as a skill/stat

    Equilibrioception (balance), could be a skill/stat

    One could be able to be knocked down while fighting (adds reason to train unarmed, for a tackle/push move) as well as have a chance to trip while running which increases while encumbered or when sprinting and decreases while walking ( a reason to walk...).

    Distributing items among pouches evenly could give increases balance and putting everything in one could make you fall to that side with increased probability.

    Number of items, logically, would also affect balance, so even if you arent over encumbered it would make you vulnerable if you say had 90 recipes on you

    Id love to hear the thought of other players regarding this.


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    I can't imagine anything more infuriating than trying to drag a full overburdened haul of bones or other goods, tripping all the way because i was too heavy.

    Please god no.

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    Given that everyone is asking for carts or animals that help carry, they could go hand in hand. It'd be another reason to use your cart. Tripping would not be common. unless overburdened with an unbalanced load and trying to sprint i would suspect. tripping every 3 steps would not be realistic and was not what i was going for.

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    no thank you not interested in this feature or idea.

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    I talked to you a little about this in IRC already.

    I think problem I have with it, is that it makes it harder than what we already have not easier or even the same with better stuff.

    I understand your ideas of making walk, and unarmed useful but Im not sure if this is how to do it.
    Im also not sure how easy it would be to code. I think maybe there is a good idea here, but it needs to be hammered out a lot more.

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