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    $5 a month maybe

    Lower the price of the month sub. You're already getting people to pay $40 for a game that's far from finished then asking people to pay $15 a month, the same price the top mmos are asking for? You're not helping to attract new players. I purchased the game about a week ago and have totaled maybe 5 hours play time. You're asking $15 a month for a crafting sim that has a horrible crafting system. Not being able to que up more than 1 item to craft and having to click on your tools each time you want to craft and item? really? This is like pre UO stuff.

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    I do not know xsyon's financial situation or remaining dev budget. I do agree that 15USD$ a month is pretty high for a game still in development. The crafting does need to be worked on as does gui. I don't mind paying for what I play, but I think a prelude ( in development pricing ) if xsyon dev's would be a positive, especially since there is no free trial, and just buying the game is 3 months worth of subscription for 1 month free.

    Something to consider, if affordable.

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    I agree with this. I have really enjoyed this game so far, but the $40 and $15 a month is the max I pay for finished mmorpgs, I made an exception for this because I wanted to help fund the game. But in the long run, $15 dollars to play a in-beta game is asking alittle much. I actually originally thought that after the intial game price, the game would be free, atleast until the game is released fully, and even then, i thought Prelude players would get a discount.

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    5$/month would really help this game out i think. would send a nice message fom the dev's as well that they recognize the game is not on par with a released and fully-developed game (tho mmo's never are, hehe).

    i too don't mind paying 15$, it's no problem for me but right now it's not a fair price for what you're getting.

    maybe it would help the genereal population of the game as well. if you're on a tight budget you could probably still keep your standard 15$ sub on another game while you also spit out 5$ without feeling dried out on Xsyon til it gets to a point where 15$ is justified.

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    My guess is they don't want a lot of players joining and then quitting after they see it is in complete. More players would see the incompleteness if it was cheaper. Maybe they are waiting until the game is more polished to do a trial or anything like that.

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    but still, maybe 5$ would make newcomers feel its still worth it. overpricing to keep people not joining and quitting is prob not the best of ideas. they should be glad to keep the people still here

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    5$ a month would definitely keep me subscribed...

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    $5 a month and i wouldnt have canceled my sub just before it started charging. would love to see this game get off the ground, but i can't justify $15 a month for an unfinished product

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    $15 does seem high for the value of content that we get.
    That being said a AAA game and an indie game, if they have the same ratio of players/developers costs the same to run.
    If someone gets paid 50k a year to work on EQ2 or WOW then they would probably get paid a near equivalent amount to work on Xsyon.
    If you pay them much less then you get lower quality programers and the game goes down hill.

    So if it costs WOW $10 a month to pay staff/keep servers running it will take ~$10 for Jordy to do the same.
    This has been simplified but just because we may get a "less polished" product than from a AAA game; it costs the same for the developers to make/maintain.

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    Im happy with the rate. I expect it to be fine once they add in a bit more of the content that the features list has/had.

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