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    Recipe Learning Broken?

    Has anyone noticed that learning recipes has been broken since the tree patch?

    I learned about 20 or so new weaponsmith recipes on 120ish attempts before I ran out of wood two nights before the tree patch. Since the patch I've collected more wood and metal and went through 60 attemps with zero new recipes learned! I only have 37 total recipes now, and none are shovels or picks, so I know I don't have all the recipes yet.

    So, is learning recipes broken or just made harder?

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    well I would assume with less left to learn would be harder. Though I am a bit peeved I am 36 in arch and still haven't learned a single new structure bwhahaa .. got 70 int also btw

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    You won't learn any shovel or pick recipes unless they have changed that recently, these two items have been learned from scavenged recipes only. As for the rest, I'm not sure how many weapons are in game now.

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    Thanks for the responses.

    I didn't know that picks & shovels were scavenged recipes only, thanks for that info.

    I don't know how many recipes weaponsmith has either, but I would have thought it was more than 37. Course I could be wrong, I'm only 3 weeks old.

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    Perefim: I have started doing Arch today, I got from 5 to 26 in a few hours (I banked on items beforehand). And I learned, 7 new recipes so far. I have an INT of 90. Just FYI.

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