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    Talking LF a tribe for pvp/crafting. Active daily.

    Played mmos for years. Ultima online, Asherons Call, Shadowbane and Darkfall. Wouldn't consider anything else.

    I like to craft and pvp ... especially group pvp for strategy.

    I'm finished with leading guilds and would like to chill in a spot to hang and play with others as good or evil RP, doesn't matter.

    MMO's are my hobby and being disabled, well, I have the time

    Talk to me anytime, I'm usually around and not far away.

    Thank you

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    Hey Magnum. You might like to come check out The Redtail Tribe in zone 1059. We are a tribe of hunter gatherers and crafters. With players from USA, UK, Europe and Australia :-)
    Osirrus - Hunter
    Isis - Architect

    Brigantii Homestead Zone 941

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    Contact me in game if you want to chat.


    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    Hey Magnum. "Lonestar" is taking on new players and would love for you to try us out if you havn't found something you like /W Cctcowboy ingame if you'd like more info! But hope you stick around no matter who you join!

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