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    Off to Lurker Land

    Well with 1 June showing up...I, Dubanka, Last of the VD, Guardian of the Sacred Itch, Friend of the Body Lice, and Lord Protector of the Rabid Racoons (failed) hereby walk into the valley of the lurker.

    As much as part of me was tempted to fork out some cash to hold our spot (oh the hours of earth moving) the end, just can't rationalize it.

    I'll be watching, hoping to see this thing move forward in a positive direction (of course what equates to 'positive' is a significant matter of debate within this community ).

    Happy terraforming.

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    Wow that really is sad news.

    I hope to see you come back. I don't know how it works with hold spots, but if you lose everything if all members are inactive, then would you be willing to tote some of the stuff over to barter town? In return when you guys come back .. if ( hopefully ) you come back, I will set you guys back up with food, gear and supplies.

    Also not sure if you are able to stay in forums, but if you do hope to see you around in a lot of the threads still.

    Take care and best of luck Dubanka!

    "Here to help the community, save the newbs, save the game!" - Creator

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    It was nice to meet you, Dub. I hope you will come back one day

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    And with the departure of more voices of reason, so continues xsyon's gradual but inevitable slip into the grasp of the ever increasing majority of those who will destroy all possible worth the game could have had.

    A sad day for xsyon.

    Society of the Anvil

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    Dont forget to check in every once in a while.


    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    Sad to see another active member leave the game. I hope to see you back soon when the game's in a better state. Tell then, try and stay active on the forums
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