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    What are your goals?

    Several people I have spoke to lately feel there isn't much to do atm due to lack of content. Animals are hard to find, and pvp is difficult due to desync.

    Unfortunately no amount of raging, bitching or moaning can really help the devs go faster with progress of game on their end, since a person can only work so many hours in a day and only at a reasonable speed.

    To keep from falling into there is nothing to do but skill grind rut I have been creating little projects which I hope will one day benefit the players, whether it is my goofy story, language guide, barter town or zone 861 community.. blah blah blah

    But all that is what I would like to do, not necessarily what can really benefit everyone, regardless of intent.

    So my question is, what can I do, what can we do together to help build up the game from the player side? From the way it was explained to me is prelude was supposed to be the building up process before final launch. What have we built up to?

    I am looking for ideas, and people willing to work on something within our limits to make people feel like this game is filled with more than just a bunch of little homesteads, inactive tribes and skill grinders.

    What are your goals, or things you feel the players can do to make the game better, more interesting, and help keep people around?

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    My goal is power in the game.
    Through force, resources, and trade/economy.

    What I believe new players and players can do is make a name for themselves. They can be area crafters, or they can be enforces of the peace. There so many things to do in this game I cant even begin where to start.
    Maybe you want to be a roaming trader where you bring your skills or goods to tribes.
    Or maybe you want to be an outlaw that punishes the weak and supports the rich, maybe I have that backwards
    Maybe you want to build pyramid that is the largest in all the world!!!

    There so so many things to do, these are just bigger tasks that you can do, but the list is endless really. Once more items and content comes in then it just will be so crazy, I wont even know how to focus myself.

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    Hmm im not sure - I certainly want to do pvp if they implement my favorite all time combat system ever found in a game correctlly! But at the same time i dont really feel like murdering everyone i see so i really hoping for an easy to use duel system like world of warcraft. Other than that i want to ride a horse and build a boat

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    Good question here, creator. I don't have a solution though and I've no real goals left.

    In a play-session I usually do 3 things:

    - chatting a bit when I can find someone, hopefully with a bit of RP flair,
    - running around a bit to look for animals and whether homesteads in my zone have developed, not necessarily killing any animals because I need nothing from an animal,
    - getting a new recipe or a skill point or two in one of the crafts.

    That's about it. There's absolutely nothing my character needs or would want. Vito practically has an oversupply of everything.

    Added after 23 Hours 23 minutes:

    Was this thread moved into the "Developer Zone" forum section? Strange, I thought it had been in the Prelude section (where it should be anyway).

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