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    Combat Q&A for week 6/1

    Hello everyone,

    Please post any questions that you have about the new combat system that is now being tested here.

    Please read before posting this following thread... How to

    We will follow the same timeline as the Questions of the Week thread. However answers to your questions regarding Combat will be answered more often.

    As this is the first thread, we will date as 6/1 and leave it open till Sunday 5/6 then start the next thread on 6/6.

    Thank you.

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    Dubanka asks:


    1. Is there any reason to swing hi/low/middle (ie. one over the other)
    2. Is there any reason to hold your position and dodge/parry (assuming they even worked) as opposed to just feignting in and out of range with movement?
    3. Is there any reason to actively dodge/parry vs. just swinging?
    4. How do stats play (or plan to play) into combat skills.
    5. How does the defensive skill (ie. dodge parry) level affect the ability in game (i have 100 dodge, so what?)

    it's all great to have a mechanics revision...but the answer to 'so what?' needs to be had.
    Question: OK so you can swing a blade in 8 different directions...does it matter? does a player model now have multiple hit boxes? Does it matter if I swing low (sweeeeet chariotttt) and hit you in the leg? Does it matter if I swing overhead and come crashing down on your noggin? does it matter if i swing from the side and clip your arm?

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    the first look on the Combat-System is good.
    You are working on the Combat system? and are you then also working on a ranged battle animationset with Bow and a healing animation with plants?
    (Then we have a complete first Combatsystem)

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    Are there any plans on slowing down swing speed, or altering damage from holding a weapon back?

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    Does unarmed combat damage take into account the wearing of gloves? Punching with your hand covered in jagged bones would do more damage, no? (And induce more damage to the gloves as well)
    Will this be added if it doesn't?

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    When is the new combat changes going to be moved to live server?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT View Post
    When is the new combat changes going to be moved to live server?
    When they are ready! :P

    1. Will we see some special moves. Like a powerful punch by moving forward while attacking with the new combat revisions?
    2. Will we see special abilities we need to activate ourselves (like a normal MMO) still having to aim. (not the tab and fire ability system) with the new combat revisions?

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