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    So this guy survives in the wasteland....

    Thats about the end of it.

    Why has it been a couple months since release and there is still nothing to really do? I get that survival is the key ingredient in this open world, but it is a given you will survive. I ran out of things to really do after I built my house the first time. The second time was just for nostalgic value.

    I know this topic has been broached a million times before, but im entitled to my rant if everyone else was too.


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    What are you looking for out of a sandbox MMO? Just wondering.

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    A different kind of game

    I think this type of game caters to a different type of clientele than most games. Much of what attracts people like me to sandbox games like this is a more casual play style with a strong community involvement. I played Irth for a couple years (much like this game) and although it did have some quests, they were limited to mostly newer players. There was pvp and guild rivalry but it was more about building your guild village which required a lot of cooperation between players.
    One of the things that attracts me to games like this is not knowing where the game will go. I look forward to the new upcoming content and I hope as time goes by they will continue to add more new content. I also really enjoy the ability to be creative in ways that other games (cookie cutters) do not allow. One of my goals is to create a unique and original looking tribe village (and a defensible stronghold).
    So I spend a lot of time working on that and finding ways to be a bit different
    Obviously this type of game is not for everyone, but then neither is WOW (cringes).

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    ^^^ what he said.Maybe in a year from now and your new to the game thre will be loads to do but the game was just born and needs time to grow.Even still the game wont be for everyone the reason I like it is you can never really stop building on your toon and improving your home.Thats what i like but I know thats just not enough for every one.

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    Still too many resources.... stuff has no value really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koll View Post
    Still too many resources.... stuff has no value really.
    I totally agreed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT View Post
    What are you looking for out of a sandbox MMO? Just wondering.

    The area is too big, too empty. There needs to be something like the mines/quarry in RV to add significance to geography. Right now anyone can settle anywhere and make all the same stuff so there's no natural push towards player conflict.

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    The fix isn't to change the resources we have now, the fix is to add much better and rare resources that could make...

    Can't wait to see what they do in this department.

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    I beg to differ on the "everyone can settle anywhere" As it is people have to settle near junk piles due to the need for resources. you can't go around a junk pile without seeing abandoned totems strewn everywhere. But if you take a walk away from junk piles you hardly ever see any totems. (my opinion is totems should become attack-able if no one associated with the totem has logged in within a month).

    The game mechanics as they are now, force people to plant a totem close to junk piles. The main reason this is is because there is no way to transport from point A to B efficiently. (you can but it will take you all day)
    One thing that could "fix" this issue would be some sort of cart a player can make. I do not think that will be in game for a long time though. If ever.

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    Man... You guys need to think outside the box.

    From my tribeland, the closest junk pile is about 5-10 min walk. Impossible you say, no. And here's how you do it.

    You take 10 big baskets, set permission to tribe, so that only people from your tribe can open them.
    Find a junk pile you want to work on and set the baskets on the ground, in order.
    Start gathering from the piles and sort out what you find.
    Put all the metal in the same basket, same goes for clothes and leathers.
    For example, my tribe wants to keep specific cloth colors, so my basket goes like this: 1 Metal, 1 Leather, 1 x 3 different colors.

    Everytime I have a stack of any item, that is full. I put that stack in the 6th basket. Once that basket is full of fully stacked items, pick up another empty basket and transfer all the items onto you.
    After that, you need one of your teamates to kill you and... TADA! You are back in camp with a fully looted basket.

    Was that so hard to figure out?

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