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    Please make this an update soon, it's actually really hard to work at night when your terraforming. I like thats its realistic in that night is really dark, but give us a counter to it. Give us the ability to make torches you can carry, mount to walls, or just stick in the ground. This would be an awesome update.

    Maybe even a torch you could strap over your back so you have both hands free for cutting or digging or whatever.

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    Also, "turn up gamma" is not a valid fix for everyone. Some of us enjoy the night period with natural gamma settings, but we don't enjoy the fact we have to build a large campfire (takes up 4 tiles) just to get a minuscule amount of light that really doesn't help much at all.

    Torches would be easy to make and have branches as a resource.

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    I support, torches would make things nice at night on walls.

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    totally agree. this is def needed.

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