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    How to level terrain, a video

    seems like there are a lot of questions about leveling terrain. watch this video and you might learn something.

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    Leveling Terrain really is an art form.

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    REpost from the Other leveling thread.

    I think you all are making this harder that it is there are some basic simple rules on how to level.

    First off understand the game is made of up 1 Sq M tiles, those tiles can either be flat(ie level) or sloped (ie connecting to another sloped tile or level tile), any tile you affect directly IE your standing on that tile, will ALWAYS be flat, any tile you affect indirectly IE a neighboring tile will ALWAYS be sloped if its neighbors are at a height different from the tile your standing on.

    here's a example how to level the top of a wall 3m x 1m x 1m, lets start with that first since you can't really screw that up. I think everyone can figure out how to make a 1m x 3m dirt so im not going to explain that.

    Tile A is the Height i want to get tile C to.

    IF Tile A is 500.00 and tile C is 499.9 and you stand on tile B and hit level Tiles B will become 500.00 and tile C will become a slope that West Edge will be 500.00 and its eastern edge will STAY 499.9, now if you stand on tile C and hit level it should go up to 500.00

    Again this is for a 3x1 wall that is at least 1m higher than your surrounding tiles.

    IF Tile A is 500.00 and tile C is 499.8 and you stand on tile B and hit level Tile A will no longer be flat but a slop that goes from 500.0 to 499.9, Tile B will become flat at 499.9 and tile C will be a slope from 499.9 to 499.8

    If tile A is 500.0 and tile C is 499.6 and you stand on tile B and hit level Tile A will no longer be flat but a slope that goes from 500.0 to 499.8 tile B will become flat at 499.8 and tile C will become a slope from 499.8 to 499.6

    The way i learned to level was building the wall out of dirt where the surrounding tiles were at like 5m below the walls edges, once you understand how to level the top of a 1m wide wall then you understand the math/gut feeling about leveling.

    heres a example of tile preference:

    The edge of the tile you stand on affects how you level, This is a little harder to explain so bear with me, if your wanting to level the Red and Green tile you need to stand some where relative to either the red or green area and that will level versus the two sides, this is not affected by the direction you or your camera are facing. If your too close to the Yellow or blue area it will level versus those tiles. this is helpful to understand when your tring to level a area that is more flat than wall like.

    Heres a example of how leveling works with multiple tiles

    This is where im tring to get everything leveled to .00 the far right tile is .70 and the far left is .00, the red dot indicates where i would be standing when i hit level.
    as you can see we have to level from lowest to highest because leveling prefers going up over down when there is a .1 height difference between 2 tiles.

    Quote Originally Posted by NorCalGooey View Post
    Untrue again. But think as you please. Ive had it happen where there is higher ground around it and go up by 0.5 as well as higher ground around it and go up by 0.6...this higher ground we speak of, in both cases, was no more than 0.5 higher than the ground I was raising (it was already set at 400.00 and the ground i was raising was 399.5)
    If i was tring to raise a tile from 399.5 to 400.0 i would just raise the terrain.. since thats way easier than leveling and you should always have dirt on you even when leveling.

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    In the video I am constantly trying to get to 0.02 below my target level...because at the time of making this video (weeks ago) I was unaware you could be at anywhere between 0.01 and 0.04 below target level.

    IE, i could level at anywhere between 428.95 and 428.99 and still have it hit 429 most of the time....depending on the height of the surrounding squares of course.

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    you know those really dont matter. you can stand any where with in the tile if your only dealing with 3 tiles(ie a line _ _ _), if your dealing 5(Ie a +) then it matters where you stand and even then the height only needs to be no more than .1 diffrence.

    you can stand on the part of a slanted tile that is at .99 or .91 so long as its no more than .10 diffrence between its neighboring tiles, but if doing that works for you then i guess to each his own.

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    One of the leveling threads should get a sticky...these infos are great help, thanks for posting them.

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