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    Questions of the Week 6/6 through 6/12

    Please post your Questions to the Developers below.

    Thank you.

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    Hello Xsyon,

    1. What are your ideas about dealing with totem from dead tribes?

    2. How long is it going to take before the tribe is considered dead?

    3. What actions is going to be taken once a tribe is considered dead?

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    When will you open up new lands ? It was promised for April, is it still in plan ?

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    Would like Agriculture Status

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    i) Can we have a vessel to carry water? I'm always thirsty

    ii) The [spine,flat,round] bones from small animals never successfully gather. Is this a bug or do those bones not exist in game yet? Will we be able to dissect small animal heads for small skulls later?

    iii) Will there be a limit on the number of stories a structure can have when modular, multiple story structures are possible?

    iv) Will we have altered field of view while inside? currently when i go inside my detumu chief tent i have a hard time navigating, opening bins, etc, as i cannot see myself half the time.

    v) Is the tribal area a cylinder or a sphere? (will tall buildings have their peaks outside the tribal area)

    vi) When my toon's feet are in water, no matter how shallow, he cannot jump. Is this on purpose or a glitch?

    vii) When terraforming ground which is covered by water, texture and resources are preserved (if there is a road or grass, etc, underwater where one raises, lowers, levels or clears the terrain, the road/grass/etc remains) Is this on purpose?

    Keep up the great work!

    Borsuk Ulam

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    Can you add more penalties to being hungry/thirsty...such as increased rate of skill/stat decay? Anything to give us more incentive to drink. Some skills in the game, that don't have a success rate and don't require much energy at all, don't need any water or food and there is no downside to it. This should change I think.

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    How will the new architecture schemes be learnt in game? Will there be scavengable architecture schemes? And if so will they be level locked? My personal hope is no, we'll only learn new arch schemes through grinding. But then how is someone with level 100 arch sposed to learn the new stuff.....

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    1. When will we have the ability to ally with other tribes
    2. Perhaps more importantly when will we be able to tell friend from foe. Good from Evil and Neutral?
    3. Will tribes get an activity row so we can see active/inactive members? When they were last online?
    4. Did animal taming drown in the combat/server updates and can we expect it soon?
    5. Would it be a viable solution to let people train animals for mounts to make trading easier instead of introducing/planning carts and wagons which needs animals to pull them.
    6. Are stat gain/decay in-game and working?
    6a. If so will you give us a list of what skills affects what stats?
    7. Have you thought about multi threading in Xsyon. Both SLI and Dual Cores/Quad Cores etc?

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    Just a few questions
    1. When are we getting more mobs to hunt in the game.
    2. As always a update on the zombies.
    3. When will pvp incentives be added.
    4. when will skill decay be added.
    5. Regional resources comming anytime soon?
    6. Any rarer recipes comming?
    7. Taming?
    8. Cooking?
    9. When will comfort be put into the game
    10. Will we ever be able to go inside of the buildings we build?

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    Combat changes to XP/HP. You said before that you were going to give combat skills more weight to HP, how are you going to give more HP to people that have already trained up combat?

    What are some of the ideas for rare resources having effects on crafting and making people want these rare resources?

    Im going to ask this every week, but carts or something like it should be #1 thing you are working on, when is this likely to come into play?

    Any plans for more tiers to totem controls over resources and baskets/bin/containers? Like maybe a tribe bank.

    With new skills like hunting coming into the game, are there going to be options to reset skill points?

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