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Thread: Sand?

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    stupid question i know. But where the heck is all the sand? You know one of the most common elements on the planet.. I can't find ANY.... I know it has to exist because a bunch of stone walls are around on other peoples tribal area.. I just cant find any at all.

    is sand a resource that gets used up? or does it renew?

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    Sand is inexhaustible like rocks and water. Like rocks and water, you can find it at the edges of streams. If you are high in the mountains, you may need to go downstream a ways to find sand. If you have to travel a ways from your camp, make the mortar where you find the sand and carry the mortar back to camp.


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    On a side note the higher your foraging the faster you will gather it and better quality.

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    If you still can't find any, look around the edges of the lake :-) keep an eye on your resources bar, gather they same as rock water etc.

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    It's yellow. That is the plain one. From a distance sand should look sorta yellow'ish..
    My tribe understood it, so I suppose you should too.

    Yeah, we are in a mountain area so sand is at low ground near streams or water

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