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    Can't buy the game!

    I'm trying to buy the damn game so I can play, but first I get a timed out error after trying to run my card, then I hit back, and try again, and get a "Payment failed: E00027:A duplicate transaction has been submitted." error.....I wan't to try the do I do it? I've gotten no emails saying if I have gotten access or not, and I can't patch the game to download it while I wait for an answer. This was just now. I tried 5 times yesterday to get the game, and couldn't even register for the forums. I do understand that you guys just did something to the website which is fine, but please let me know how I can play the game.

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    Dang, you already got a tribe and everything! I hope someone can you help you resolve this issue.

    Welcome to Xsyon and enjoy!

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    I don't have a just stuck some crap below my name.

    But thank you for the welcome!

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    Hello JB81:
    we are looking into it.

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    Thank you for the quick response.....also I'm not from Canada, OR in a tribe do I edit that info? Couldn't find the place.

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    looks like your account didn't activate for some reason, should be now.

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    It let me log in. Again thank you very much for the quick response.

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    sorry, didn't see your question. you can change that in your settings, top right hand corner

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