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    5 Ideas easy ideas to help trade.

    Like the title says 5 things you think can help generate trade between towns.

    2)regional resources
    3)unique (few per town) and useful recipes, 3 missions that give unique recipes witch can be crafted once, missions can be repeatable one every week or so but require rare resources (maybe not easy).
    4)Dezgard's barter village that accepts one type or currency for cosmetic changes to armor and weapons and maybe simple recipes like baskets
    5)paved road tiles that require stone=15% speed Bricks=20%

    fire away

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    1 - Drastically lower the amount of resouces available. Specially renewable resources like stone, sand, grass, even junk pile. Make trees give much less logs (either small or large). I shouldn't be able to stand in the same spot all day and get 100 toolcrafting.

    2 - Mobility for bigger load of goods. Carts and road building outside of tribe lands (requiring stones, good idea Dezgard). I know people would say that player could grief using that ability, but make it at a great stone cost and able to be used only on grass, dirt or twig ground, not junk piles (although you could gather a junk pile slot and build on the dirt afterwards).

    3 - Figure out a way to be able to communicate with people far away and know of their needs. Right now I'm lucky if someone is ever in my chat range.

    4 - Instead of making craft limitation, make rare items crafting limitations. Make it so that some recipes can be learnt after you are 100 in a craft, at a very high level. Kind of like Lv.101 but it takes FOREVER to "unlock" that master rare item. Or make it through scavenging by finding recipes, also at a very VERY low rate. And make it that those items would dwarf over everything else, getting 100 is not hard but tedious, but those items would be much MUCH better than anything learned before learning them.

    5 - Give more value to items. Obviously, tools made out of stone and grass twine should be MUCH MUCH worst than those made out of metal and wood, right? Instead of giving people "randomize" recipes, give recipes a proper sequence. Forager comes first, the items can be aquired anywhere, bone comes 2nd and pioneer (or anything made mostly with metal) comes 3rd. Same goes with armor and weapons.

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    1) Carts or something to haul heavy items in.
    2) Reasons to craft an item over another IE why should I use a deathbone armor set when I can use an easier to make armor set?
    3) Trade routes, making travel much faster over longer ranges (which an also be attacked). ( last paragraph.
    4) Lower the amount of resources in the game and make them more localize. (Can we say about 1000x to many junk piles and junk in the game?)
    5) Remove ALL recipes in the game that people have learned and make them scav'd only higher level ones should be VERY VERY rare and the recipes reworked to yield more reward. IE if I make a level 80 bone armor set it should take more rare resources, but still be better in most ways than a level 25 bone armor set. The level 80 recipe itself should be NOT common at all. So I would find 1000 level 25 recipes before finding a level 80 one.

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    1. Carts to carry more stuffs and some way of faster traveling. Pulling a cart for 4 hours won't really encourage trading.

    2. Regional resources that are required.

    3. Balance items, there should be a reason to use (and craft) every type of item. Like a grass armor should help in hiding greatly, leather should help gathering rare stuffs or whatever (protection against ranged weapons later but they are not in yet), clothes to raise comfort and so on. Right now there is no reason to wear an armor, it only gives weight.

    4. Remove learnt recipes. Allow every player to learn only 1 recipe by level, like 1 armor recipe (i mean full set of course) at lvl 40, another one of the lvl 50 sets and so on. Right now every player can learn all of the recipes, so why would they trade.

    5. Allow players to choose their main profession, and when they reach lvl 90 let them choose a master item out of 10 recipes, that no one can learn only the players with that profession. Let players change this master item once a year, and let them change their main profession once a year (in case of changing they forget the master recipe they got earlier).

    I love your #4

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    1.) Make Stats come into play when crafting 10 int / 10 Dex Toons shouldn't be able to make anything above low maybe even moderate, nor should there skill be higher than 25, this would remove all the combat focused characters from crafting tools and weapons.
    2.) Carts/Wheel barrows/shoulder poles
    3.) Reduce scrap pile back down to 4x instead of 8x
    4.) Add additional resources that can interchanged with existing recipes, Steel/Iron/Aluminum
    5.) Remove the ability to proc new recipes from templates so all recipes are learned via scavaging

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    You all want carts or similar ^^..
    Instead of carts. Mounts, it would also make sense. You can't carry more with a cart, well you can, but it would overweight you, you need something to pull the carts first. Mounts could do that in the future.

    1.Animal Training.
    2. Mounts. Let bears be able to carry more. Let Mule Deers run faster. You can then choose if you want a bear mount that can carry more stuff than the mule deer mount, while running faster than yourself. Or you can choose the mule deer mount that can only carry a little more, but run a lot faster.
    3. Reduce the amount of scrap yards. (But seriously 80% might be overdoing it. This wasn't to induce fighting )
    4. Add rare resources. Scarce in the safe zones, more in contested areas.
    5. Reduce the amounts of recipes you can learn in each craft. (Mainly in tailoring, bonecrafting. leathercrafting, toolcrafting, weapon crafting and such. Leave woodworking, masonry, basketry etc out of it)

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    To encourage trading, resources should be local and uncommon but not rare. People will hang onto rare resources, e.g. human skulls and of course if it's rare there will never be enough to generate regular trade.

    Some examples:

    1) Let oak trees spawn in one remote zone. Make oak handles have the highest durability. Reeds could grow in one corner of the lake and would make better baskets/grass armor. This type of resource could be depleted, but would respawn in same area, but not same exact spot next spring.

    2) Add high level patterns for specific areas. You could only find patterns in the Master Freel set by scavaging in Freel. These would be no rarer than other patterns, but would not be part of a set so you would need all the patterns if you want to make a complete Master Freel outfit. Add architecture/weapon/etc. patterns in areas with no armor/cloths sets named for them. E.g. living in Round Hill I would regularly find the pattern for the Round Hill Rock Bludgeoner, but would have to travel across the map to find/trade for the Gooseneck Gouging Jag pattern. These patterns would in part require more specific but not necessarily rare resources, e.g Master Freel clothes would require purple cloth and the Round Hill Rock Bludgeoner basalt.

    3) Animals are already sort of regional, but there are no uses for the parts. Make me have a reason to trade 10 rat feet for 5 marmot heads.

    Leave the existing resources as is so people can build towns and get basic tools and gear anywhere. Add high end recipes for the best gear (but not buildings) that need uncommon and perhaps a single rare item. Scatter the patterns and the components across the map.

    I don't see carts or pack animals as needed or useful for trade. A cart could be useful for building or moving a camp, but you shouldn't need to haul logs or bricks long distances. Long distance trade would be in light stuff like patterns or a handful of mats to be made in to high end gear, not mass quantities to grind on.

    4) Bridges would help trade more than roads. There are plenty of pre-apocalypse roads, but half the time they end at a cliff when they come to a creek.

    5) Make high end recipes require workshops that could only be build in your camp. With the current crafting, I can take my tools to the materials. If I needed an anvil and a forge to make the best weapons, I would be forced to bring the materials back to camp.


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    1. Regional resourses
    2. a stat, quality increase to crafted items or something similar or 1 above is pointless.
    3. transport, animal/carts whatever to allow u to gather and transport the resourses yourself or to pick up your trade deal.
    4. I like the different road construction idea.
    5. different types of storage so u can actually remember and set up your own trade booth better.

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    Hmmm, five easy ideas to promote trade? Most of the things I've read until now aren't exactly easy.

    Here are my easy ideas:

    1) Remove all known recipes from all characters. Aye, I know, it will be uproar.
    2) Totally remove the ability to learn recipes through crafting. After 1) and 2) nobody will know any recipe anymore.
    3) Remove all existing scavenged recipes from all baskets. After 1) and 2) and 3) nobody can craft any item anymore.
    4) Make it so that all recipes can be scavenged. Make it so that scavenging skill moderately increases the chance to scavenge a recipe. But please no certainty.
    5) Make it so, that the chance to scavenge a recipe depends on location more than on scavenging skill with both high skill and good location having the best chance to find a recipe (let's call locations with higher chance to find a recipe a former "library" or "university"). Let the players figure out where these locations might be.

    Might be an unpopular method but trade will skyrocket. ;-)

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    1) Balance preoder weapons, we all know they are horibly unballanced... who wants to risk trade with them around.
    2) remove safe zones with working tribal defences, people will need to rely more on each other for protection... band together.
    3) Make every Item in the game already, have noticeable purpus, differences that make each usful, for different reasons. (not just appearence)
    4) make quests on totems that make trade less combersome... we each have to travel to the others totem to accpet the trade (all items in a totem trade window swap)...
    5) perhaps a reputation system, more succesful trades improves your trade rep... not sure how this could be displayed.. perhaps posted on totem if system #4 works..

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