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Thread: Legion Tribe

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    Legion Tribe

    Sorry to say that the tribe has been abandoned. If you happen to run into Legion, help your self. Er perhaps Hallendra will return and take over.

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    ok so i need to type a longer message to bump

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    SUbmitted new tribe video

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    to the top please

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    Currently looking for new players to help skill up in crafting.New grind area allmost done made and filled with mats and tools just for new players to level there skills faster.

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    bumpity bump bump bump

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    Bump right back to top

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    we are now looking for new and old players again.While we work hard and take pride in it we do not take anything else series.If you like to have fun and just do what you want without being worried about anything else then drop unclean,dang or dave a whisper

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