Welcome Survivor,

First things first, let me fill you in with the details and we'll get you started.

The Guides have seen fit to construct and maintain a dynamic and ever changing Battle Arena, for any survivor to take part in.

The Battle Arena is situated at Zone 978, next to the League of Guides Tribe Area.

The Arena will consist of different Event Matches including...

Death Matches


Team Death Match


Team Capture the Flag (Item)


More to be added soon.

We will conduct this event in a Tournament setting with Brackets and a Leader Board.
There will be daily in-game prizes for the winners, as well as an Extra special prize for the overall champion of each Match type.

If you want to take part in this Event, please PM me with the following details...

Match Type: (for example - 3v3 (you can enter more than 1 match type))
Player Names: (example - GuideRaguel, GuideMihr, GuideZadkiel)
Team Name: (for example - GuideTeam)

We are looking to get this Event started on the 19th of June, which should give players plenty of time to organise themselves and hone their combat skills.

Rules and time scales will follow once we have a number on how many participants we have.

We will keep this updated frequently, and may make changes.

Thank you everyone