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    Just started and..... empty.

    Ran into 3 people so far and I've traveled the majority of the coastline.

    Siimp (who was very helpful - I appreciate it)
    DDT (who actually helped me get unstuck - thank you)
    and some other person.

    There are Totems and little towns everywhere with no one in them... just how many people are playing this game right now?

    You can find me trolling around the 979 as Portia.

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    Yeah not a whole lot of people at the moment that play everyday...or at all.You just have to be on right time of day and in right area still not loads of people but at least where im at we have a handfull that play everyday.Things will pick up when they get some of the features done and in the game...hopefully!

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    I played on saturday for about a hour then i logged into APB the rest of the day, yesterday didn't play, today, not sure if im going to log in, im mostly waiting for the patch notes.

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    Greetings and welcome to Xsyon,

    At the moment the majority of our player base is based in the PST time zone. And it is currently Monday so I would imagine alot of players are currently working, and wont be online until this evening.
    The player base did take a drop since the launch, however over the past couple of weeks, we have seen the average amount of active players has increased.

    Hope to see you around in-game.


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    Good to hear. Happy about that.

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    If you need help in game, you can talk to me.
    Type /w MrDDT text for whispering to me in game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xyberviri View Post
    I played on saturday for about a hour then i logged into APB the rest of the day, yesterday didn't play, today, not sure if im going to log in, im mostly waiting for the patch notes.
    This exactly.

    I've been playing pretty much non stop up until this point. Now I'm having fun playing Civ 5 trying to see how many allied computers I can beat on standard difficulty...until that gets boring.

    It's winter and the terrible snow texture in itself, for me, equals my chance at a break from Xsyon. I can't stand it. I'd really hope they fix it so its not so hard on the eyes. It literally makes me not want to play.

    That and lack of update progress...although I know they are working on a huge one and I am excited to see what they do with the swing animations attached to the camera center (combat square reticule thingy). As well as the hip rotations to give it a more realistic look...and it affects the combat game play as well I'm just not exactly sure how. Someone more seasoned than I in MnB could probably tell you what.

    Good things are coming...but as to when they are coming, is anyones guess. I'll be back for spring, hopefully with some more patch notes and something to give more motivation to keep building a so far, apart from aesthetic value, pointless town.

    To the OP, I recommend joining an active tribe. The more active we can get the small communities in this already small Xsyon community, the better. To me it seems lots of people played, or tried playing, but they all tried it by themselves. The game SEEMED more fun during launch, simply because I saw 10 friendly guild members on the screen and in vent at the same time. But yeah, playing alone just doesn't even come close to comparing to being in a tribe...on pretty much all levels. Not to say that there aren't lots of large tribes who did not quit for other reasons (not lack of community, but lack of PvP and drastically broken deadlines. Seeing isn't always believing, sometimes you gotta believe to see. However, with this community and this game, it's been far too long just to believe it to see it. We need to see it to believe it. )

    Right now, you can prepare for the future of this game by stockpiling, training skills and building a strategically defensive fortress since we all know that is coming eventually (tribe warfare and safe zone removal). Right now you can do everything but put up the gates, so it's not like there isn't content in that sense.

    It's just more like, is it worth it to spend 100s of hours doing all this when we don't even know definitively the direction the devs want the game going? It doesn't matter to me though, I know which way it HAS to go. The game will never be truly great until safe zones (imaginary can't be attacked circle) are removed and the devs KNOW this. So it's only a matter of time. I for one will keep working on the city during non winter months. I'm an architect irl I really enjoy this stuff...I've always wanted a game where we would have "Sims like" freedom of design, but like a medieval castle game like MnB (Xsyon is closest to that out of all current MMOs). MnB + Xsyon features list WORKING = Meth + Heroin? LOL!

    One day we will get the ultimate game, whether it be future Xsyon or not. Game engines and the game devs are just too good these days for it to be much longer.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I've already met a few great people in game as well as attended (and died horribly, yet somehow honorably) in the arena alongside MrDDT (who cleaned up without a scratch). Today's Man vs. beasts was fun. I forget the 2 guide's names who set it up, but was great.

    I'm glad I got the game as I understand it a lot more and have been getting great help from people while online. It'll be good to see the game back in swing.

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    Ya it was good fun. Thanks guides for hosting it. GuideMihr and GuideIsda.

    I'm guessing you changed your name as I didnt remember seeing your name there.

    Good luck and I'm glad you are having fun with the game. See you around.

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