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    Set basket permissions, by RANK

    Title says it all. Right now its EVERYONE can access all bins in tribe that are set on TRIBE mode. That's fine, because that is an EVERYONE type of setting. Then there is the setting for the leaders with access to all personal baskets. However, we need more options here.

    It would be VERY quick and easy to add in "Set permissions: Rank, Chief Architect and higher" "Set perms: rank, Legionary and higher"

    This is SOOOO needed

    I know you guys probably won't get around to it for a while, but please, please write this suggestion down on your 100 page future features list :P

    Or you could even take it a step farther and have a checkbox list for everyone rank who can use that basket. Perhaps there will be a basket that say, only the chief architect, architects and terraformers can open. But the higher ranked senators and military officers could not open them, unless they had the open all baskets permission set.

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    I suggested the very same thing in the beginning of don't expect a fast solution

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadzia View Post
    I suggested the very same thing in the beginning of don't expect a fast solution
    Grats, things are much worse than I thought then. They have too much work to do getting the game out of alpha to worry about beta type small but still yet important improvements

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    also be nice for GL/leadership to set permissions on all containers within the tribal area.

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    Super suggestions!! And these are simple ideas that I'm sure none of us can imagine why they are not already put in. Alpha is right. I love the game but its simple things missing like this that frustrate me so much.
    Another way to help this problem is gates. Gate off an area and give certain ranks access to that gate/area. ANYTHING!! Oh and come on why are signs not in yet for marking baskets etc.....

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    bump for an extremely easy fix....

    cmon guys, try and sneak in some small fixes with the major content. I would prefer a month of small fixes anyways.

    Also, why don't gates/doors have permissions???

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    I think this guy suggested something similar many mooons ago

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    nice. your idea is just letting certain tribe members open the tribe baskets. mine was making specific baskets have specific permissions.

    perhaps there would be a basket the master toolmaker could access, but not anyone else (except those with all baskets permission). he would also be able to allow certain other ranks into his basket such as apprentice tool crafters

    also, itd be nice to have some newbie baskets, that only new players can open (the lowest rank), but not any of the other members (except those with all baskets permission)

    it would be something like this.

    Set permissions: Opens up a checklist for which ranks can open basket

    Rank 1 NO (unless they have open all baskets permission)

    Rank 2 NO

    Rank 3 NO

    Rank 4 NO

    Rank 5 (newbie) YES


    Rank 1 YES

    Rank 2 YES

    Rank 3 (legionary for example) YES

    Rank 4 NO

    Rank 5 NO

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    I think baskets like this will be the thing of the past once buildings have access rights on them.

    More rights is cool, but really bins are a horrible way to do things.

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