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    Supreme And Master Items for trade

    master and Most supreme tools (havent tried to make all supreme yet so not 100% sure on every one)

    Master and supreme wood handles

    Tailoring Skill 100 whisper me if you need something and ill see what i can do.

    Weapons VH and master (still working on it so tell me the wep and I will see what I can do)

    Will take nails any Quality small metal plates master only and master leather straps for trade if you have none of those Whisper me in game and we will see.

    in game name Unclean whisper for pos and agreement.

    If metal plates are to heavy I can come to you.Just dont kill me and take the loot back while funny its just wrong =)

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    Thanks for the trade Unclean! VH Twine helped a ton for my tools!

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