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Thread: Hey new to game

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    Hey new to game

    Finally got my new pc even thought months earler i bought and used up those free months that i didnt use lol.

    But bout to try it now hopefuly some people can help me and im looking for a tribe my ingame name is Zhou

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    Talk to me in game /w MrDDT text
    My tribe helps new people into the game we are very active with 10 to 15 active members.

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    Welcome to Xsyon.

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    will do MrDDT im in sugerpine at moment im gona be active also

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    MrDDT.. You said you didn't play anymore :P!

    Welcome anywho and hopefully you'll have patience with this game.. It is needed.. :P.

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    welcome, hope you enjoy and if you have any problems just ask

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    Welcome to Xsyon

    I hope you enjoy in this new world

    C you ingame!

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