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    Treasure Maps

    I would like to see something like this put into place (yes I know tons of other things that need to be fixed, but I wanted to toss out this idea).

    How I would like to see it worked is something like this.

    Ways to get a treasure map.

    1) Scavenging.
    2) Rewards from events.
    3) Rare loot off monsters (easy and hard ones). Like Zombies.
    4) Fishing.
    5) Terraforming.

    Things you can get from a treasure map.
    1) Rare items.
    2) Spawned events.
    3) Lots of normal loot (like 500 nails).
    4) High QL items or tools.

    How to use a treasure map.

    1) Maybe something like the map making idea. Would be required to read it.
    2) It would give real clues in game to where it is, along with more details as you get closer.
    3) Only the person with the Treasure map can access the treasure.

    I sorta like how UO did this, and this is what I was thinking of basing it off of.

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    Thats a great idea, tho treasure map should instead be also player made, again, a players trash is another's treasure, so a player can bury it somewhere and make a treasure map, would be cool that the treasure map, you have to manually decode it like Read Dead Redemption, where you had to decode it, like an arrowe pointing from a popular terrain like a city, then it shows you that then you have to go to this rock, then this big tree, then this house and its there.

    dev treasure maps would not fit in the game style, player made treasure maps would be better, maybe someone quitting the game makes a treasure map and gives it to friend to hide it and etc. would be an awsome idea.

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    Well if players want to make treasure maps they can kind of do that using maybe another system, but it wouldnt be all that hard.
    I dont think it should yield any extra resources or items other than what the players put in them.

    This is more of a randomly done treasure map. With rewards based on a loot table. Like scavenging is.

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    I would like to be able to bury stuff in the wild that potentially could be found by other players.

    I also would like all baskets outside of totems areas to be public because there just grass baskets with stuff in them.

    I think it would be cool to be able to make a map to get to said buried object also that could be looted(or at least a copy of it)

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    Ok, I got a question about this.

    Let me start by saying I love the idea of treasure maps. They used to be awsome in UO, especially for the RP guilds since we would make it a group quest type thing and have a blast.

    But in a Post Apoc world, how would you explain digging through a pile of trash or fishing that you would happen across a map that says "Hey here is treasure". In a fantasy setting you are finding a map that for some reason the person that made it either lost, sold or had stolen. In this it would more likely be that you find a map of the area, and manage to figure out that this map is showing where a car dealership used to be and you can say to yourself, hey, I need metal! This looks like a good spot for scaving up metal! But if that were a case then it would 1: be a junk pile anyways, and 2: would just be a pile that is better for metal than cloth probably. Which goes back to the general resource idea that certain area's should be specialized for certain resources inorder to promote trading.

    So, like I said, I love idea, but how would it fit the game concept? If as a community some really good ideas can be created I'm sure it would be super easy for the devs to atleast create some form of event to allow treasure hunts from time to time, and later on maybe program in a system to actually happen across treasure maps.

    Actually.... that is awsome, imagine a community event. Guides tell a few characters in a couple of different zones that they 'locate a map of the Lake Tahoe area see that there used to be a mall at coords such-n-such" And the coords should be in an area where there are already a few other more active characters. Doing this word could spread and next thing you know a bunch of people may be headed there to try to scavage through the old mall for valuables. Now this seems like just scaving, but they could make it so for every weight or something you find it basicly is like a ticket system at chuckecheese(LOL at myself for having kids) and then you trade it in for items only devs can give like the plastic sheets or something. They prob won't give you a list saying what is worth what, you just trade in and they give you what you 'found'

    In this way not only would it encorage a bunch to get together and scav in an RPed community event, it would also actually encourge a bit of pvp like I'd expect from a post apoc world actually. For all you that played Fallout 3 I'm sure you remember early on when you are at the first village and they send you to some old grocery store, you get attacked by a bunch of bandits. Well, this could draw pvpers as well, to attack the fortune hunters, just like the gold rush also drew murderers.

    It is a great idea as far as I'm concerned. Community, PvP purpose, RP all drew into one... thank you DDT for coming up with an idea that I ran off on a tangent with and probably am no where near where you intended.

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