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    All move to one area

    Why doesnt everyone who plays the game right now move into one area. Start a few tribes and then make it more fun. So theres always things going on around u. then can play few games and stuff. Until it gets more populated.

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    I would love to see a place more populated, but I dont think everyone moving to one spot will hold people there.

    My tribe is located in a pretty active area (as you know) and we help new people that start here.

    Other tribes are doing the same.

    If other tribes want to move to the starting areas, I think it might help some of the new people stay active, but mostly the game needs Dev help not player help.

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    because everyone will say "okay you all can move over to where im at" personally i dont want a bunch of neighbors

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    Because MrDDT will just chase people away again with his agressive play style :P

    More likely is the fact there are to many abandoned totems to find decent spots in one area.

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    Hey I would like it to be known that Ive been helping newbs for about 2 weeks now. Thank you very much =P.

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    ahaha bear hunting ftw. there once were 50 bears then they got killed by an axe bone armor bone armor.

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    There is no way I could move a long distance. I have way too much stuff. Instead of moving maybe we should start a chat channel with one of the secondary programs like ventrilo. There are lots of em out there. Then we could talk to each other and see what is going on. Just an idea.

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    They have a cool one built into the website. Uses IRC =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT View Post
    They have a cool one built into the website. Uses IRC =P
    Yup, just open IRC in a second window, then you dont have a bunch of spam in your game client. just put it on a 2nd screen or behind your client if you only have 1 screen.

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    I agree with MrDDT, it would be nice to see more people on IRC.

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