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    Questions for the Week 6/20 through 6/26

    Please post your Questions to the Developers below.

    Thank you.

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    Whats your plans to make items in game worthwhile to craft, acquire, or have?
    AI of animals, is this being worked on?
    Harder animals like mutants and zombies, or vampires or something is there something we going to see anytime soon?
    Carts, or sleds? How soon before these items are in game?
    Stats? Right now it would take years to change your stats, is there going to be a change to this or should I just forget it and reroll now?
    Soft cap on skill pools and decay. How is this going to work? Whats your plans on how much limiting this will be?
    Skill pools, what do you see for being about what is allowed for people to have per pool?

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    Questions only in this Thread.
    No discussions.

    Thank you.

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    Are you going to give tall characters a buff? Shorter chars have half the size as max size chars and the advantage in smaller hit box is very noticeable.

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    The alignment system was a very fundamental part of the game. Do you have any ETA for that ?

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    1) As far as I understood, Prelude ended safe zones, with the possible addition that war happeh tribes could remove them sooner. This hasn't been altered or anything, has it?
    1a) Well you did have an idea that meant permanent safe zones, but is this still the plan to go forward with that specific idea to restrict rather than to give options to protect yourself?
    2) Will we be able to build diagonal instead of just horizontal/vertical so that we may utilize more of our area?
    3) Will we be able to get more options concerning permissions, perhaps to keep out common tribe members from the tribe councils ruling area (rank permissions). Or say I have a house, but I only want GuideMihr and myself to be able to enter it and no one else (name permissions)?
    4) You mentioned a The Sims sort of building 'mode'. Would that include the same effect with walls (but also kitchen tables/bathroom tables) melting together? Right now we have walls with cracks in the corners.

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    Do you guys know how to fix the zone out bug where after passing through 2 zones, all terraforming, trees, totems and buildings disappear? When I relog it all reappears.

    To me it seems the game is only loading the zone the character is currently in, and the 8 adjacent zones (local chat). To load the other zones requires a relog.

    This happens to me 100% of the time.

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    I. Regarding the "keys" part of our inventory:
    1) Will these keys allow us to lock / unlock our gates?
    2) Will I be able to make a spare key to allow a friend access to my homestead if visiting on holiday?
    3) Will these keys be lootable?
    4) If none of the above, what was the intent of those keys?

    II. It seems like your interest in Archaeology and Architecture comes through in the content of the game. In order to perhaps extrapolate future updates, and more importantly to make suggestions in keeping with the original design, did you have a main area of interest in Archaeology? The faint circular design in the background of the website's main page makes me think Aztec/Mayan, but thought I'd ask... paleolithic, epi-paleolithic(my favorite), neolithic? New world, old world? Just curious.

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    Will you ever change up mats for tools.When I get orders for 20+ tools I find myself pulling WAY to much scrap metal just to find master small metal plates.There just way over used in tools.

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    Regarding the ability for players to dynamically shape the world.
    - What percentage of the world do you envision as being able to be put under tribal control/conquerable?
    - Do you have a mechanic you will use to determine tribal control over an area, ie. how will a tribe establish control over an area?
    - How much area will a single tribe be able to control?
    - How will players know when they are in an area controlled by a tribe (as opposed to the tribes totem area)?
    - How can a tribe prevent another tribe from obtaining control of an area?
    - How will a tribe resist being placed under the control of a tribe seeking to control an area?
    - Will a controlling tribe have the ability to tax, or otherwise gain some benefit from the tribes in the area under its control?
    - How do safe zones factor in this? or will safe zones not be permitted within area that is able to be controlled by tribes?
    - How do you plan for expansion totems to work? Will they work just like regular totems now - will they be safe zones? How many expansion totems will a tribe be able to place?

    Regarding Combat
    - When will we begin to see gear balancing? Or does the development team feel that gear is currently 'OK'?
    - Is there a design (functional) intent, besides weight, behind grass vs. cloth vs. leather vs. bone (armor)? Or is the distinction meant to be primarily vanity?
    - Is there a design (functional) intent behind blade vs. blunt vs. axe vs. pick (besides vanity)...furthermore is there meant to be variation within the weapon subsets (ie. axe type a vs. axe type f), or are the different models meant primarily for vanity.
    - are there any plans to limit player speed in combat...i understand there is the intent to allow players to get away, but players should not be able to fight and 'get away' at the last minute of a fight...something along the lines of your character speed and stamina decrease along with your health.
    - are there any plans to implement equipment that give bonus to player stats or abilitys (hp, speed, stam, armor, etc?).
    - I have seen herbs in 'preview' phase that enhanced health rejuvination. These appear to have been removed. Is that correct? If so, are there plans to reintroduce them?

    regarding character advancement.
    - As it has been reported that char hps increases with levels, the char with the most skills trained, will be the highest level and will have the most hps, question: Once skill degradation is implemented, will it be possible to lose levels/hps as you lose skill levels?
    - Once skill degradation is put in place, will the game save the 'maximum %' achieved for a skill? Or will i gain experience by retraining it.

    all for now.

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