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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubanka View Post
    Regarding the ability for players to dynamically shape the world.
    - What percentage of the world do you envision as being able to be put under tribal control/conquerable?
    - Do you have a mechanic you will use to determine tribal control over an area, ie. how will a tribe establish control over an area?
    - How much area will a single tribe be able to control?
    - How will players know when they are in an area controlled by a tribe (as opposed to the tribes totem area)?
    - How can a tribe prevent another tribe from obtaining control of an area?
    - How will a tribe resist being placed under the control of a tribe seeking to control an area?
    - Will a controlling tribe have the ability to tax, or otherwise gain some benefit from the tribes in the area under its control?
    - How do safe zones factor in this? or will safe zones not be permitted within area that is able to be controlled by tribes?
    - How do you plan for expansion totems to work? Will they work just like regular totems now - will they be safe zones? How many expansion totems will a tribe be able to place?

    Regarding Combat
    - When will we begin to see gear balancing? Or does the development team feel that gear is currently 'OK'?
    - Is there a design (functional) intent, besides weight, behind grass vs. cloth vs. leather vs. bone (armor)? Or is the distinction meant to be primarily vanity?
    - Is there a design (functional) intent behind blade vs. blunt vs. axe vs. pick (besides vanity)...furthermore is there meant to be variation within the weapon subsets (ie. axe type a vs. axe type f), or are the different models meant primarily for vanity.
    - are there any plans to limit player speed in combat...i understand there is the intent to allow players to get away, but players should not be able to fight and 'get away' at the last minute of a fight...something along the lines of your character speed and stamina decrease along with your health.
    - are there any plans to implement equipment that give bonus to player stats or abilitys (hp, speed, stam, armor, etc?).
    - I have seen herbs in 'preview' phase that enhanced health rejuvination. These appear to have been removed. Is that correct? If so, are there plans to reintroduce them?

    regarding character advancement.
    - As it has been reported that char hps increases with levels, the char with the most skills trained, will be the highest level and will have the most hps, question: Once skill degradation is implemented, will it be possible to lose levels/hps as you lose skill levels?
    - Once skill degradation is put in place, will the game save the 'maximum %' achieved for a skill? Or will i gain experience by retraining it.

    all for now.
    Just have to say, great, non vague questions. They deserve an equally non vague answer :P I'm looking forward to those answers very, very much.

    When will weapons be better than pre order weapons? I have supreme axes and from my testing they do about 4/5 of the damage a pre order does. Not bad, but still, there should be signifcantly better weapons than pre order. That or just tone down pre order weapons to be equal to a master quality weapon (in damage) or something.

    When will we get pole arms, staves, 2handers, archery? At least the first 3 should be pretty easy to implement. I'm a 2handed guy myself and saving some of my skill points for 2handers.

    Added after 22 Hours 1:

    Architecture with "sims" like customization and ability to free design. How soon will this be implemented? Can you give a ball park (1-3 months?, 3-6 months?) estimate on when this will be patched into game?. I'm assuming this would also come with the multi story construction. I'd be surprised if this came out with the most recent patch, I understand the patch to be just new architecture recipes, not customization with wall building and multi story?


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    Shouldn't low level recipes stop giving XP? Why should it be as easy as grinding thread, string, and twine to 100 in basketry or tailoring?


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    Currently our characters follow the terrain of the land beneath us when we are jumping or climbing on objects. You can not jump over a hill, regardless of how high you jump, if side of the hills slope is unclimbable.

    Will this be changed so we can actually jump or walk on objects past impassible slopes?

    Can the rank permissions be changed slightly so there is a "Build" and a "Destroy"?

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    Terraforming doesn't increase strength. I think it may be broken. Will you look into this? I'm 89 strength and I've terraformed enough to level 3 characters to 100 terraforming.

    Added after 1 15 minutes:

    Will we ever be able to move our totem WITHOUT moving the tribe boundary? This could work by simply keeping the center of the sphere that is our tribe boundary at the same point, and having the totem independent from that.

    During launch, there was 5 minute lag delays. Our totem got put in a really poor spot. But this is not the only a reason for having the totem not attached to the center of the tribe boundary sphere. Another reason is the totem is the quest hub and has details about the tribe. We would very much like to put our totem outside the front gate, just inside our boundary line, so travelers not in the tribe have more ready access to it.

    Also, I know this is likely to never happen (because its the equivalent to permanent death), but if capital totem sieges and capture come into play (perhaps through MUTUAL AGREEMENT only), the tribe should get to choose where the clan stone (so to speak) goes. It should be big and obvious so it cannot be hidden, but can be in an area chosen by the tribe and independent from the tribe boundary center.

    I sure hope you consider this as it has no negative affects to game play, only positive. Of course this would be optional and if tribes like the totem in the dead center they can keep it there.

    Added after 12 minutes:

    You sure about stone wall decay? I hope you give it some thought

    Because I think you find the more you look at the implications of stone wall decay, the more it becomes a bad idea. It's extremely tedious to do, unless it was setup at a rate of say, 1/2 a brick decay per day, and we could repair all walls at the same time through some function the totem provides.

    I don't think I could play this game if I had to drag bricks around to every wall we have and repair them on a scheduled basis. World building takes PLENTY (and I mean PLENTY) of time as it is. Any longer and people might not even do it, but I really enjoy the reward (visual effect) world building provides because it takes so long to do. That's why capital totem capture (not through mutual agreement, but forced) can never happen in this game and I trust you recognize that because we have safe zones.

    Also, here is a simple idea I had for how safe zone removal could work in CAPITAL totem areas, but still have no capital totem well as giving Good Aligned tribes some options for SOME safety (too much causes abuse by warring tribes too and cannot work all together)

    I guess my question is, could you read this idea really quick and give your thoughts on a system something like my proposal below?

    1) Four towns, regionally placed where no attacking or looting can be done. NPCs will store items here for a price. Crafting can be done here with no risk.

    2) Each tribe (1-80+ members doesn't matter), gets their own capital totem and default expansion totem(s) (to start off with).

    A) Good Aligned Tribes -

    #1 Capital totem is a totem that cannot be captured and the buildings cannot be destroyed, apart from the gates. They can be destroyed. Siege ladders cannot be used on a capital totem (only entrance is battering ram through the gate). If the gate is broken down, the only thing the enemy will be able to do is kill you and loot you. They can also LOOT baskets, however, they cannot DELETE items inside an ENEMY CAPITAL BOUNDARY (to prevent griefing, they would only take what they could carry...they couldn't wipe you out completely...hardly even a dent unless they find your currency/nails basket). That's completely unrealistic anyways.
    Items don't just disappear out of thin air because you want them to delete. (can't give anymore protections than that without major abuse by alt account griefing tribes)
    #2 - One default expansion totem

    B) Neutral Aligned Tribes -

    #1 - Capital totem cannot be captured. Walls and buildings destructible through siege and torching. Items cannot be deleted inside of boundary. Siege ladders can only be used during a mutual war (different than an open pvp siege attack)
    #2 - Two default expansion totems

    C) Evil Aligned Tribes -

    #1 - Capital totem cannot be captured. Walls and buildings desructable through siege and torching. Items CAN be deleted (5 second cast bar IMO) on boundary. Siege ladders allowed.
    #2 - Three default expansion totems

    3) Expansion totems = Real life, 100%. Nothing held back here.

    * a default expansion totem is one you get for no start up cost. their is still upkeep cost, however. each additional expansion totem after default expansion totems will cost progressively more and more resources to plant and upkeep. boundary size still dependent upon player size (however, size increases should be made available upon upkeep as well. maybe you will have to pay twice as much, but you will get 20% more land per person. something like that.

    I greatly appreciate anything thoughts you can provide regarding a system like this. Thanks Jordi

    Added after 27 minutes:

    You said yourself you want evil players to be like the monsters of the world. Wouldn't this work out better if you gave more incentive to evil players to be evil? This would give more PvP opportunity to good and neutral players as well, without the consequence of having an evil reputation.

    This would create player conflict, which can be for both righteous and tyrannical reasons. The good don't fight because they want to, they fight because they have to (can also see my quote for an example, I'm a neutral player however I enjoy conflict not peace in video games. but I would fight large evil tribes for sure, and that would also be conflict) to achieve peace. The real world is a great place to achieve no conflict at ALL TIMES, but not video games.

    Added after 2 Hours 19 minutes:

    Will we ever gain hit points from other ways than gaining combat levels?? This is what I have started calling the level bar that gives 10 skill points and + hit points. Is there a better name than combat levels you could use for this? I can't call it skill levels because that is already taken.


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    What affects the bonus provided for wearing tribal colors? Specifically, do you need to be wearing both colors, and would wearing multiple items with tribal colors increase bonuses?

    Would you consider adding information on the game play systems to the manual? I love that you're willing to answer these questions, but I think it would help if new players knew exactly how their character will change as they play and how those changes will affect their actions. For example how will their stats raise/lower? HP would probably be important as well.

    On that note I've been curious about the end effect of stats. Roughly how much would dex for example impact leather crafting quality assuming max skill? Since it's so difficult to alter stats throughout the life of a character I think it's important for people to know what they're setting themselves up for in their stat builds. Specifically I'm interested in knowing how much a stat would have to be raised in order for specific quality resources and tools to give a full tier higher quality output (say the tools and resources barely produced high quality, how much dex increase would be needed to produce very high quality in leather working? Also how much fortitude?) While I'm not as interested in the effects of other stats at the moment, I'm guessing a thorough explanation of all of them would answer a ton of questions.

    Thanks again for the time and consideration.

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    Why can ANYONE craft EVERYTHING? this is so wrong on so many levels and is actually one of the major reasons not related to PVP that the game is dead population wise.


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