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Thread: Roll call

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    Roll call

    I think it may be helpful to the developers to see just who and how many players are actually playing and posting here.

    What I am asking for is very specific information to help the developers gauge just how valid these comment here on the forums are.

    So, to do that Please answer these questions. And nothing else, NOTHING else please.

    1. Are you a solo player or a member of a tribe.

    2. If in a tribe, how many total members and how many actives are there playing at least once a week? ( truthful numbers here will help them ... lies only hurt YOU )

    3. What is you or your tribe's general play style? ( YOU describe it please )

    4. For any in your tribe/group/whatever that have left and actually told you why, what did they actually tell you. ( this is NOT an opportunity to manufacture reasons as guesses as to why they left .. you have to have been informed by them )

    I will start us off...

    1. member of a tribe.

    2. 23 members total, 8 actives.

    3. General style builder/crafter focused relaxed and enjoy current content.

    4. One member said "Other games are just holding my interest better, I may be back later if things improve." Another said they wanted a more casual game and were afraid they would get addicted again like they did to other games. Another said "things feel empty with no real purpose"

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    1. Homestead.

    2. Not currently active. Often think of reactivating, mainly waiting to see how things shape up. See #4 as well.

    3. Relaxed style, enjoy building and socializing. Would greatly enjoy the occasional pvp in a team environment for fun, anger a turn-off, laughs and "good-game" at the end without real life frustration on either side preferred. Goal oriented.

    4. So hooked on Bad Company 2 right now, making progress, not done with that yet. Main reason I left was the sense that things would head in a more aggressively natured pvp environment which is not what I look for in a mmo. More interested in the survival and immersive aspects of the game which feel more on the back burner in the immediate future.

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    1) Tribe.
    2) 24, 15+ active in the last week, and I would say 8+ active daily.
    3) Mix of PVP, PVE, and Crafting.
    4) Game is unfinished and lack of reasons to do anything. (No reason to PVP, or PVE, or craft).

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    1. Tribe

    2. 23 on totem. 0.5 active (just me, in game couple hours a week, maybe)

    3. organizationally based pvp

    4. lack of content, lack of point, lack of seige, not a finished product

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    1. Tribe

    2. 8 -- Zero actives

    3. All styles

    4. I've gotten replies of the following fashion: "Boring." "Game sucks ass." "It's dead." "Combat is terrible." "Nothing to do." "No purpose." "Hahahaha".

    I can relate to all of those.

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    1. Solo/Homesteader

    2. 0...I haven't bothered to log in for quite some time now.

    3. Explorer/Fighter/Trader

    4. No's not a game yet. Been playing sandbox games since I started gaming and I'm good at making goals and defining my own "content" in games...but Xsyon doesn't even provide the tools to do that yet.

    Edit: Also...WOW...just tallied up total:inactive as of Vandal's post...over 300 in tribes just mentioned here...and only 40 active...

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    1. Solo
    2. Not in tribe so I'm the only active one
    3. Crafter/explorer/trader
    4. Some friends left due to real life issues, many left due to 'nothing to do in game, crafting has no real purpose'

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    1. Solo
    2. I'm active as are a few neighbors.
    3. Builder and explorer type here, looking forward to new zones and architecture improvements. Mainly focusing on character skill progression as of now.
    4. The small group I started with have moved on to other games.

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    1. Tribe

    2. 62, 4-5 Actives

    3. Right now nothing, Mainly running community pvp events to help unite the players

    4. Everybody disappeared no reason

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    1. Solo

    2. I am active, I take long breaks, return, play many hours over several days, take another break, then come back again.

    3. Crafter and builder

    4. N/A, I have always played solo.

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