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    Hey all,

    Whiskeyjack here. Iíve been playing the game for over a month now and finally sat down to write this intro. My buddy Icarus turned me onto to this, my first sand box game, and I love the versatility of terraforming and architecture. I found an abandoned, large block of dirt on top of a hill that I have been reshaping it into keep style fortress. Learning as I build it up. I always like to chat with architects out there to compare notes and techniques, so send me a whisper. I also plan to take a tour around the lake and check out your architectural wonders of the world.

    I can't claim to be a decent PVPír, but I understand the gripes you folks have and hope the upcoming combat revision satisfy your expectations. I will train into combat, but my main goal is to build a defendable stronghold to make your jobs a true challenge. I hope the /unstuck command will be revised in some way so you canít just magically pop into/under/over the defensive structures. Iím eager for the gates to be patched into the game and to find out if my design will hold up to a ďproperĒ siege. Iíll post some ideas on these subjects later now that I have collected some knowledge of the game mechanics.

    For now Iíd like to give a shout out to a group of people who have helped me along my way.

    • Appollo of the Audacian Republic has put up with my random novice architectural questions and given me a valuable training session on leveling.
    • Vandal of Templar has also provided good conversation and insight with a few tools to help me skill up.
    • Andrew of the Xsyon Mercs gave me an uber-noob knife to poke at them pesky bears.
    • The now-retired Logan of Ravens Crest gave me a nice set of tools. I hope you and your tribe come back to the game after the combat revisions.
    • And finally, the diligent Ms. GuideIsda for promptly addressing a couple of my in-game issues. And always with a smile.

    I hope to meet many more of you to develop trade routes, stoke rivalries and earn respect from each other as we plod along in Prelude.

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    If there are items in the way, people can't unstuck over.

    Just put limestone walls on the dirt walls. I'll be stopping by your totem this weekend, what's the coords?

    Good to know you are still enjoying the game

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    Welcome, and glad to see another player having fun in the game.

    If you need anything you can /w MrDDT in game, or stop by our totem for trading Zone 739 1000x800

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    Welcome to Xsyon!

    There are amazing porjects all around the Xsyon world ,I don't want to say tribe names because for sure I will miss someone but I'm really impressed about how players are using terraforming and construction,amazing!

    So I'm sure you will enjoy your time here

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    I told you guys I wasn't that mean.

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