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    New Xsyon Wiki (Work in Progress)

    Hello everybody,

    I have been working on a Wiki for Xsyon.

    Wishlist: Obviously, I can't do everything on my own. So here is a list of things I'd like people to contribute.

    - I have added screenshots of all current architecture building/wall/tent. Although they are only the "Project" version and not the real construction. If possible, I would like people to contribute screenshots of the list of items below (that I will keep updating as information comes in).

    Proper conditions: 1 - Building has to be real and create, no pictures of projects.
    2 - Pictures has to be taken in daylight so that there visible with good quality.
    3 - If possible, take multiple pictures from different angle and distance, I will pick the best one for the wiki and crope it accordingly.

    - Add up the World map link with zoom in.

    If those can be e-mail to me at:, with subject Title "Xsyon Screenshots" would be appreciated.

    Update 24 June 2011
    Add the World Map section, it is completed, still need to put in the link for the "zoom in" map.
    Also made the "What is Xsyon?" Section, taken directly from the website, so that one was pretty fast and it looks good too. Added a few screenshots for looks.

    Update 24 June 2011
    The Architecture Section as been completed.
    Screenshots and crafting material list has been added.
    Next, I will be completing the Toolcrafting section.

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    considering the old one has a blatant statement that he is done with xsyon this is very much needed

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    Bump is too short to reply so I had to mention it.

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    I want to say thanks Vandal for doing this. Im way to lazy to do this, and if you need help just ask.
    I dont mind filling in some data, but I suck at starting a project from scratch.

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    Another bumb, added a few things today, listed in the updated section of my first post.

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    now to make it replace the stupid old xsyon wiki...

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