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    Reactivation - initial reaction / feedback

    Howdy folks, Book here.

    Library is back in business after a couple of weeks away.

    Reactivation was very smooth! Not always the case in smallish companies.

    Was able to grab the installer and re-install the game using my account before reactivating. I think that's great. The download wasn't very long. About long enough to do the dishes.

    Resubscribing was smooth as well. It offered the correct choices to resubscribe without rebuying the game. Process was quick, activation was immediate.

    Upon launching, was good to hear the music! Composer did a great job. Loading entities didn't take more than a couple of minutes.

    Nice to see the trees back. Was attacked by a bear within a few minutes in my camp, hadn't seen too many there in the past. Another was wandering about outside, let him be for now.

    Few trees randomly cut near my place but I still have construction projects going so I can sure use the wood. One of them actually provides some nice cover and privacy.

    Chat is definitely quiet right now but that's probably the time of day. Nonetheless, some chat upgrades in the future would likely be helpful. Had 2 new players on general wondering if the game had a community.

    All in all, good to be back! Taking a break does refresh the interest and rekindle the desire to continue building before lands expand and I head off to discover.

    See yall in game

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    Did you tell the newcomers that websites are where communities usually keep themselves occupied :P?

    I still don't understand the animal density problem.. Mabbeh people didn't read the CAN GO EXTINCT in some areas if hunted too much = hiding... But whatever. I have plenty of bears, raccoons and Mule Deers close by and a lot of buggers to EBIL SQUIRRELS!.. Seriously they are one bunch of aggressive squirrels and effing hard to hit being so small.

    if you swing by the eastern mist be sure to come by our place. I'm sure you can get inspiration for building and we can probably share a fish or two and tell tales of the dangerous mountains.

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    Have a bear freaking out in my camp at this very moment. He can't get up my "safety hill" so he was just going around in circles down below, until now we're just sitting staring each other down.

    Hoping he'll move on by the time I get back from dinner... as I'd rather not have to kill him. He ought to go forth and breed as he's gonna need backup!

    Thanks for the invite WiiTee, right back at ya should you wander to the west edge of the world

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    Hey Book I was just back playing. . If you are in the same spot you might see me around.

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    One of them actually provides some nice cover and privacy.
    You better dig a hole first if what i think you will use that privacy for is correct. If I step in a partially digested fish I am going to hunt you!!

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    Welcome back

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