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    Looking for A Tribe

    I thought that I would try and go this game alone, however I think I'll join a Tribe instead. Please leave me a message here if you know of one that I can join. I am willing to delete this character and move to the new location of the tribe.

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    /w MrDDT
    in game.
    We are an open tribe helping out new people, we are very active with about 10 to 15 active members. Normally about 2 to 7 people online at anyone time.

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    Not sure what you are looking for, but The Pawnee are recruiting. Start either at sugarpine or squaw and head to zone 896 600/700 ish, and look for our unsuual construction projects, ( 5 story observation tower )

    If you are interested in building, terraforming and learning the game we would be a good fit. Type enter to open the chat interface, then type / LaughingOak then the space bar to send me a wisper and lets chat

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    Hey Kayze
    Not sure on what you are looking for but Legion is open to recruiting active players. We have 38 members with 4-5 active on a regular basis. we are located in zone 1020, you can apply in our website for specific locations or look for Hallendra, Liquidblade or Keea when in game.

    Click here for more info


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