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    Make brick piles instead of hiding them in bins

    I find it very unsatisfying that when you make bricks (you know stacks of 100) you have to put them in bins.
    Why not make them more visible like with for instance grass?

    I'd like to see piles of stones .

    If I want to sell them to others it would be great if potential traders would be able to see them near my storage instead of me having to retrieve them out of my bins, put them in the tradewindow and then show their quality etc.

    As you all know, the process of crafting the darn things is laborous as it is, we might as well see them (again just like logs/grass etc).

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    Yes, the stuff we can fit in these baskets it's ridiculous Stone should be carried on the back the same as other resources, as well as being able to be stacked on the floor. Perhaps give us tools to haul the stone so it's not so difficult. I know as it is hauling bricks is annoying, but it's unrealistic as can be. A little more work from hauling bricks instead of death porting, I wouldn't mind.

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    Also if bricks were an item that stacks on the ground in 'bundles', perhaps in 20 per 'bundle', and only one such bundle could be carried at a time in the 'back' slot where grass/logs are carried now; it would fix the problem of someone being able to carry 9,000 bricks on their person at one time. Being able to put 100 bricks in the same amount of pack space used for 10 coyotes teeth is far-fetched. If Bricks and Lime and Mortar all were items that appear on the ground, the area in which a mason works would look like a quarry, which would be cool too ( lime and mortar would not for neat stacks, but rather a mound of increasing height and radius). Masons would then need a wheelbarrow or similar to move larger quantities of these mats.

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    I agree with the brick idea from the OP, and Rothschild. Good ideas.

    I would like to see a lot more items able to be stacked on the ground. But dont forget, more items stacked on the ground = more lag in the world.
    But I think we can for sure do bricks. Lime and mortar not so much.

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    Cosmetic storage items wouldn't take up any more data space than current baskets. Have something that looks like a pile of bricks that is really just a basket with a different model/texture/footprint and a restriction on the type of object it can store. If it could be dynamic and change appearance as it fills up, that would be great. There aren't a whole lot of things that would require dedicated storage, but stuff like large piles of sheet metal and such would go a long way to improving the look of a tribal area.

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