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    Me and a friend are looking for an active tribe

    In our mid 20s and looking for a happy and helpful bunch of people. ;>
    Pref active during CET hours.
    We can specialize in what is most needed!

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    Sending you a PM.

    Welcome! Hope you and your friend enjoy Xsyon!

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    come join industrial strength we are a pretty active tribe and we know how to help are newbies, if they can listen that is.

    Dobleballua is the name whisper whenever your ready

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    Im with Doble. You can just type /w MrDDT text
    While in game to contact me.

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    You can check out The Pawnee tribe.

    We are builders and hunter, doing some very unique building projects, and always looking for friendly folks.

    We are not pvp focused, but not push overs either. Whisper Laughingoak or Kinyon in game.

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