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    Questions for the Week 6/27 through 7/03

    Please post you're questions to the Developers Below.

    Thank you.

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    What are your plans to do with combat as far as strife and what to fight for or over, and how?

    How tight on skill caps for soft pools do you expect it to be? Like 1 or 2 skills per grouping? or 3 or 5? etc.

    What are your plans next after this patch is out?

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    Deacon asks:
    Am I correct in assuming that spear throwing will come in about same time as archery

    Xsyon says:
    Possibly. Bows are arrows are ready, spears are not made. This would not be difficult to add at the same time though.

    If bows were ready 6 months ago, why haven't they been patched in yet? Is it first necessary to work out the desync issues?

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    1) You alked about trees 'dropping' cones, in which seeds can be found in. Are these going to be common are, uncommon or rare?
    2) With the resource distribution system, will it be possible to make variations in how a trees grows?. So that some trees (eg. Weeping Willows) grows near large amounts of water (streams, the lake etc.) but also spread out the tree types so that certain trees just can't grow in certain areas (the living conditions are not there. Or are we talking advanced system. Trees that are restricted in some areas can be planted by tribes if they tend to them (watering, etc) but they cannot spread in the area by themselves.
    3) Can you add certain qualities to wood. Soft wood being exceptionally good for tools, weapons and the likes (increasing whatever.. precision, speed or decrease the weight of the item) whereas hard wood are more suitable to resist the ravages of weather (more durability and resistances to weather - it would deteriorate slower meaning less repairs) (that and question 2 would initiate trade between people)
    4) At what range does animals, players and to come (mutants, revenants etc) render? I can see that objects such as logs, grass etc begins to render around 40m distance. Is this the case of mobs (animals, players etc)? My primary worry is it might be too low. (100-150m sounds to be an alright range taken that this game doesn't have static mob spawns - thus we need to look for the mobs, 40m in game is not all that much). It would also explain some people complaining about the inability to find mobs.
    5) Would it be possible to allow roads to be build regardless of an object, such as Rock, Architecture Structures etc. are in the way? It would ease up village/town/city construction.
    6) Can you clarify what exactly is meant with "Having a high attribute score in one area will make some skills easier to learn and master" in the manual and especially the underlined in the quote?
    7) Does it only increase your chance of finding rare object the further away from your own safe area you are or does it also include other safe areas?
    7a) If both are taken into account, do the distance away from safe areas increase the chance equally or does the chance increase more if it is your own safe area than another safe area?
    8) Are you able to gain basket recipes without having basketry as your starting skill or is this still bugged?
    9) Where did all the Small and Large Metal Plates, Small, Medium and Large Metal Sheet go? Did the uncommon (rare?) versions of nails, bolts, screws, rivets, Wedges etc overburden Scrap Metal stacks? We're getting nothing but nails etc. and no plates or sheets.
    10) Whenever I sort stacks of scrap metal and leather from a nearby scrapyard I gain nothing from either of the mentioned resources. Is this a bug or intentional?
    10a) If intentional, can you explain if and possibly how metal and leather can be reaccessed at the pile?
    10b) If this is part of the new distribution system and metal/leather isn't available at the pile, shouldn't the pile reflect this so that metal and leather cannot be found on it (they won't show up in the resource tab)?
    11) Can you pretty please *doggy eyes and everything* increase the rate at which you gain stats, especially if you intent to increase the penalties for hunger and thirst. This would also allow us to more flexibly to change our build to fit the impending soft cap + skill decay.

    (Sorry for all the questions I'll stop now)

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    The chance of finding rare items is increased with distance from your home territory and from all safe zones.
    1. are there any plans to make certain zones expansion totem only, or even forbid totem placement entirely. With the above statement, those areas would likely become very active.

    2. When are expansion totems planned to roll out. With new areas being opened, tribes/players will be forced to abandon months of effort to relocate, or be forced to spend long periods of time running just to get 'there'.

    3. WIth the relative distance of the game, and no current mounts available, are there any plans to implement a long distance running ability (must be out of combat for 5 mins to use, be under 50% encumberance, have over 80% stam, etc.) that will allows players to make these long distance runs more rapidly?

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    I would also like to know when bows will be implemented, as I like playing with a bow in most games. Also, will there be a way to cancel shots? Some games does not have this feature and it's really annoying. Thanks.

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    Seeing as there are now maps all over the internet and its quite hard to travel without them, any chance for some sort of a map being implemented into the game? maybe something where the player has to explore to get the basic outline of the world. and then manually insert notes/marks for places of interest to him/her

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    Will some form of new transport be added before death penalties are introduced?

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    Please keep this thread, free from discussion.

    Thank you.

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    All question refer to post patch

    does rebuilding dismantled structures give same skill gain as building a fresh structure?

    to clarify one of the new arch posts take only one long wood post as material use. i can build and dismantle it 3 times before losing the post and have to craft a new one. does that give 3x xp of building one "new build" post?

    are stairs in game yet?

    will gates be lockable and require keys?

    is it currently possible to build multistory building in game?

    are bridges now in game?

    any plans to have roofing section that dont require there own support legs? (i.e can place on architecture walls as supports instead)

    any plans for other types of lighting apart from fires. ( i.e wall mounted torches, street lighting etc)

    are there architecture recipes that are scavengable only? and viseversa any that can only be learnt through grinding

    pre patch i was lvl 77 Architect.
    Post patch i learnt 2 recipes in 7 levels
    i felt that my only recourse was to reroll my character (if i wanted to learn a fair amount of the new recipes in a short time)
    and fair to say i was rather displeased with having to do that

    how long before the fix for learning recipes past level 100 is in?

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