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    Just Started Downloading :-)

    Hello from NorCal,

    Just found this game today and it intrigued me so much that I had to get it after checking out some youtube videos.

    I'll be taking any advice since I'm a new survivor. I know what to expect and do like the aspect of no coddling in the game. Can't wait till this gets done downloading :-)

    See ya in the new world!

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    Welcome to the Game raines883,

    If you require any assistance or get a little stuck, be sure to use the /H channel in the chat box and one of the game Guides will help you.
    Also take a look at the forums, check out some of the tutorials, and perhaps looking at Saintbob's Youtube Channel might help you further.


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    I was actually on the forums all day at work today Lol

    And Saintbobs videos are great watched most of them already :-)

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    If you are looking for starting help, and a tribe contact me in game /w MrDDT
    We help new players, with tools, advice, food etc. We are very active.

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    Welcome to the game

    Come on over to the sugarpine starter area and whisper ( /w LaughingOak space )

    and check us out we are the Pawnee tribe, builders and hunters by trade, and a friendly laid back group willing to help any way we can.

    All members are encouraged to build and terraform their own spots!

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    Greetings. NorCal huh? I sent you a PM.

    Also, here is a guide you can read that might help you learn a few things about the game, before you dive in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raines883 View Post
    I was actually on the forums all day at work today Lol

    And Saintbobs videos are great watched most of them already :-)
    bloody saintbob geting every1 hooked . i was just coming here to make this thread but u beat me to it. i should be in game in about half an hour.
    any aussies here?

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    welcome to you both, hope you enjoy the world, come check out the Redtails camp in 1059 if you passing by.
    The community in general is very helpful so in you need help with anything just shout.

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    Welcome to Xsyon - hope you enjoy yourself here

    Like others have said just ask if you need any help, it is a hard learning curve for people that have not played similar games before.

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