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Thread: Fix animals

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    Fix animals

    I am really dissapointed with the animal situation. When this is mentioned the Devs just say, well there is X amount of creatures in game, blah, blah. I often travel for ages only to find nothing. This is getting me down and is a real game destroyer imho.

    I did once find a large pack of deer. I took a few every few days but did not see any new births from the pack in about a month. I have now left 2 deer about 2 weeks ago and they have not had multiplied yet, as of yesterday when i last checked.

    Also, i would often go to attack one, only to find that it was actually 3 or 4 all on top of each other. This has happened multiple times. When they die, they die on top of each other, making it impossible to kill one and skin it because i end up being dropped to low hp by the other 3. And if you kill all 3 or 4, the carcasses lie directly on top of each other, so you can only skin the top one and then the rest are blocked.

    I have tried splitting them up to attack them one by one, but have never had this happen, no matter what i do to entice one to move of the other 3 or 4.

    I have often asked for a guide to come and look at the problem, but there seems to be not very many around lately. I have never had a response in the help channel.

    There used to be a pile of bears living near my land. When all the trees were cleared they left and have never been back. If trees are a pre-requisite for animals, then that is the end of my zone and the surrounding ones.

    Animals need to be severely fixed.

    Please voice up in this thread if you feel the same.

    Do not bother posting if you are going to say "well there are heaps of blah living near me." That does nothing but make the devs feel there is no problem and will not be helpful to the game.

    Come and scrounge around my neighbourhood before you say that. And i mean across 5 or so zones around me.

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    You make some very good points here, I will pass this onto the developers, And see what we can do to remedy it.

    Thank you.

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