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    Looking for active tribe

    Greetings, comrades!

    Looking for active and newbie friendly tribe.

    My character's name is Pirren

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    AR is one of the more active in game. You would be our 10th active member. Messaged you in game already

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    Trying to find meet you!

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    Industrial strength is very active, our leader, MrDDT, is on almost all the time. Send Either me, Rothschild, or MrDDT a PM ingame if you want to check us out. We are located in zone 739 now

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    So talk to us in game type /w MrDDT text
    If the server is online, likely I am too =P

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    You couldn't have picked a better time to join the game. Largest content patch to date is coming out tomorrow at 7AM(PST)/3PM(GMT)

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