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    Interested in the game, but i have some questions.

    Hi, I came upon xsyon quite a long time ago and to be honest it looked like shit.

    Now that it's been released I have some questions for you guys that play it regularly before i decide to buy/leave it for now.

    1: How is the overall "feel" of the game, is it polished, does it run smooth, or does it feel choppy.

    2: How casual friendly is the game? Is there a lot of grinding that needs to be done? Do you have to join a tribe to be able to do cool stuff, or can you manage on your own? Is things well explained or am I better off asking in chat (is there a global/semi global chat at all?) for tips and walkthroughs?

    3 (And important): How is the PvP? Is it skillbased, as in whoever has the best movement and aim wins, or does it all come down to character? Does gear play a huge role? Does it feel smooth, or is it like the early Mortal Online PvP? How many dimensions are there? (From what I've seen on youtube it looks like people are just running around mashing mouse1 at each other in meleerange with tribal axes. Are there ranged weapons or other combat-abilities?

    /Aglon Dark

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    1) Polished - Hell no. Runs Smooth - Yes and no. Crashing once in a while, random disconnects about once or twice a day, and FPS wise its not the best. CPU and GPU it needs a lot of work, but can run on slower computers ok.
    2) Casual Friendly? Yes and no. Depends on your outlook and goals in game. Grinding needs to be done? I wouldnt say needs, but yes grinding is a major part of the game right now. You do NOT have to join a tribe to do anything. *tribe being a large group, you do have to join a tribe for most of the stuff in game, but not in the sense of "clan" just in the sense you have to make a 1man tribe to use tools like terraforming etc. Things well explains? NO, ask in chat, read on the forums and watch videos. There is no global or semi global chat at all. Very local chat, tribe, and whispers only.

    3) PVP is bad right now. Combat is broken, desync and all around boring and crap. Its basked on who gets the most lucky random hits, and who is skilled up the most to be less lucky and take more damage before dying. Gear plays a small factor, but mostly its about random desync luck or not. It is not smooth, its jerky laggy, and desynced. You are mashing mount 1 or 2 or both, and hoping for the best. There is no ranged or other combat skills in game.

    Having said all that. This patch coming tomorrow should fix a LOT of what you just asked about, and change it greatly.

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    I would strongly see what tomorrows patch brings.
    This patch update will fix a lot of what you asked here... Ask this again tomorrow and I'm almost certain you will get the answers you are looking for.

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    Yeh, pretty much what eveyone else says, but big patch today should be bringing much better things, so maybe check back in a few days once we have had time to see how things go.

    Excited?....Alot.......4hr patch downtime think my heads gonna explode with anticipation

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    Thanks for all the answers, i'll check back in a couple of days after the patch has hit

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    Ninjabump, how's the patch?

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    pretty good, here is one of many possibilities with only 4 of the 100+ new arch recipes.

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