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    A List of Active Tribes

    This list is no longer being updated - it has been replaced with this much more convenient google document, thanks to dali2gala.

    You can fill out this form to update the google document.

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    Audacian Republic is active. However, isn't there already a thread like this? Roll call?

    Anyway, I guess it's still a good idea. Tribe link is in the signature.

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    Roll Call is meant to be a list of every single active player not just tribes, and it doesn't seem to have a main list that it updates... you just have to scroll through each post. Isn't it a little laborious to find an active tribe that way?

    Anyway, thanks for supporting this. I really don't want to have to bump my tribe's page every day, it makes it look really messy.

    Your link to the advertisement page isn't working for me? So I just used the tribe's website. You might prefer that anyway. I'll edit the post and mention that that's an option.

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    Not every single active player, just every tribe, active or not. Carry on though. Also, it would probably be better if you linked to the recruitment thread instead of the website.

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    Are we talking about different Roll Call threads? The Roll Call I'm looking at is here.

    The link you posted just now works, but the one in your signature still doesn't.

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    Same thread. I guess it is for everyone though. I only know of two active players who aren't in tribes...both awesome crafters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cctcowboy View Post
    Lonestar is active
    I added you, but do you have a page I can link to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bizley View Post
    I added you, but do you have a page I can link to?
    Will be updating website soon and will send you link then, thanks!

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