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    Is it just me, or does stamina run out a hell of a lot faster now, even when you are unencumbered, well fed and not thirsty? This game is so hard to traverse due to the lack of mounts etc. Now it seems like it just got a hell of a lot harder again? I just cant get into travelling such short distances, resting, and doing it all again. Im pretty dissapointed at this situation.

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    it didnt feel that way to me.. but i do agree that the whole stop - go system can get very annoing, i recommend just walking when out of stamina instead of a full stop

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    This hasn't been changed at all. Does anyone else seem to notice a stamina change?

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    I have noticed that energy depletes at different rates on different days, and even different time of days. I think there are some things in the equation that we are not aware of.

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    The walking though out of stamina seems to be a viable solution to the whole travelling problem, at least it would solve a bit.

    I haven't seen any stamina change at all, it is still the same old for me.

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    You people forgot that the cooking will be there, it gonna help with stamina.

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    Speaking of cooking, is there an ETA on cooking?

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    well I rather they put in Mounts...before cooking?!

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    No stamina change for me. I even find that stamina runs out very slowly, I can sprint for some time before I run out of stamina.

    I reckon it's more that some people want fast travel, might it be that some people sprint all the time?

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    They did slow movement speed down, maybe thats why people think stamina is slower.

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