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    Disconnecting within 5 minutes of logging in

    This is happening to me 100% of the time. Just started happening after I patched today. Before the patch it was rare that I disconnect even once in a day.

    Anyone else getting this? I have not heard of this happening to anyone but me


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    not to me.

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    And me, and bins are bugged (sent dez an email about this). Only happens when carrying out an action though or crossing a zone.

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    Also disconnecting about every 5 mins consistently here.

    Also have bins that I cannot open.

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    No disconnect problem here yet (playing since an hour or two).

    Not being able to open baskets is a known bug by now -> see bugtracker (seems to happen with full or nearly full baskets).

    Edited to add that I do get occasional lag spikes, 2 or 3 second ones.
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    Also disconnecting about every 5 mins consistently here.

    Also have bins that I cannot open.

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    Game is now unplayable for me. I get to play for as long as it takes to log in before I get d/c'd from server. Nothing has changed from yesterday. Still, 100% chance this happens (disconnecting, about 90% of time within 5 minutes, 10% within 15 minutes)


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    getting same here game is pretty unpayable now
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    Quote Originally Posted by inhabit View Post
    getting same here game is pretty unpayable now
    are u guys using wireless? couse i just unpluged my ethernet cable and set up a wireless conection and it disconects within 5 10 minutes of playing, pluged the cable back in and it works fine

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    I have two accounts two different laptops and they both disconnect and have major lag issues. Also one thing I noticed on both is that right after you click in password I get and error message saying something about the game graphics are higher then laptop graphics? next time it does it I will write it down exactly how it reads.

    WARNING #001 - display resolution size MISMATCH
    Adjust display to higher resolution than the game's resolution!

    This is the error message I get..... I have my resolution set to highest setting.

    By liquidblade at 2012-02-18

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