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Thread: Cloth fabric

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    Cloth fabric

    So i am a bit confused here.. started a new character and been sorting cloth and i realise i cant find a single fabric? Cant make it and i cant find it what up?

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    Just tried it and got 4. *shrugs did you mean scraps because i dont seem to get those now.

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    sorting cloth? UGH! i get nothing except scraps!!!

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    hum and i seem to get only cloth.

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    you get fabric? The ones that look like sheets of paper?

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    yeah thats all i find is full sheets of cloth no more scraps.try and sort metal because all i get are bolts screws ect no sheets of metal.

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    okay trying to find some

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    This is correct according to the information on the latest patch :

    Since resources are distributed by territory, if you stay in one territory you will keep finding the same cloth, leather and metal types

    So start trading guys

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    kind of what i was thinking.

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    oaky got some low quality metal scraped - sorting it found lots of rivets of different qualities and one metal sheet

    its a bit early for this kind of system - since its virtually impossible to travel with alot of goods.... UGH!

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