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    So im liking combat, but ive been thinking about blocking. It is pretty much unuseable unless we can use it really quickly not the way its set up atm. mount and blade works because all you have to do to block is right mouse button...

    My first idea which i dont think the devs would not want us to just treat one handed and dual weapons the same - as in if you attack with dual weapons you just attack with both at once. in the direction you chose. that would allow blocking to be on the right mouse button. This is the way that blocking is set up btw - it uses both weapons at once.

    Second idea is to keep the attacks the way they are now. but make the blocking a general block instead of directional. so that you could just press the block button and it will block(It could randomly play one of the four blocking animations we have) But it would just block

    and dodging.... man i think that just overcomplicates the whole thing and should just be forgotten

    what do you guys think?

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    I would say dodging should be used against specific weapon types, eg. if someone comes at you with a pick axe and you try blocking with your knifes then im afraid your still gonna get a pickaxe in your head hehe. Where as dodge should be more effective in this scenario.

    Dont think its currently set up that way but i think it makes sense.

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