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    Quote Originally Posted by VeryWiiTee View Post
    Kill them then ?

    The bag not appearing has been fixed..
    its pretty hard to cut them if u cant find where the freaking branches stop and the tree begins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willowhawk View Post
    What I have been seeing is the White Fir trees seem to have sprouted too many branches. They down to the ground like you said, but they are also extremely densely packed with branches. We have two trees on our tribe land and they are smothering half of our camp. You can't see through them.
    All white firs are now instant KoS.

    Added after 50 minutes:

    Relating to issues.

    You can build a fire, but it won't light up if it is placed on top of a mason stone floor and under a roof.

    I think it might be mason stone floors or just floors in general that fires do not work on.

    Added after 10 minutes:

    Fires work after a re log.

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    Quote Originally Posted by L0rd0fIvIetal View Post
    its pretty hard to cut them if u cant find where the freaking branches stop and the tree begins
    LOL yeah you have to stand back a ways, point in the direction of the tree and walk forward hoping you hit the tree. Then Chop away. hmmm I can't accidentally chop down my Chieftain tent can I?

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    CANNOT stack more than 1 resource on Mason Stone Floor (any floor?). Always says "Unable to place object." Please test this yourself as it is hard to explain. I used short logs and grass to test it.

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    Small metal plates, knife blades, and saw blades have been impossible for my partner and I to find.

    We've tried multiple trash piles over about 5 hrs last night.

    Will give it another go tonight and travel further but it's pretty rough on us two newbies. Don't want to use the saw too much until we can make a spare one otherwise we will be stuffed unable to craft the tools we need.

    It's frustrating cause we can't even start on building up our homestead for fear of breaking the saw.

    /end rant

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    Small metal plates are very common. I have tons of them.
    Knife blades yes, I agree very rare.
    Old Saw blades are super rare now.

    They are working on loot tables.

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