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    gana restart the client and see what happens

    Added after 7 minutes:

    as some 1 said b4 restarting doesnt work and now my bin with a whole crap load of the stuff i scavanged and stole is broken i demand my items from those bins(joking but it would suck if i loose those items) i had a cleaver blade and a knife blade and apperently those are hard to come by

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    All of my bins are now fully functional since the last mini-patch / hotfix.

    The open timer feels faster and more responsive as well. I also no longer have to click twice for them to open, at the moment.

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    Yea my bins that were not working are working now

    Seems like they are all working better then before even. Though have not opened and moved to much around.

    I have not had to reopen a container yet. 1 click each time.

    Also I had a problem where sometimes moving stuff from 1 bag to another the pointer would get the bag focus and start moving it around on the screen. Then i would ahve to click to lose the focus. This seems to be fixed, have not had a probem moving items.

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