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    To Jordi - Why i hate the new distribution system

    I have spent months establishing myself at my totem, building, terraforming, exploring and amassing a hoard of useful items. I was under the impression from day 1 that i would be able to access the items i need to build and create the things i want.

    Now the resourses under my feet have been ripped away and replaced with metal sheets, scrap leather and fur. So the area i have chosen to live is useless to me. If i had started the game today, i would have been able to choose what resourses were at my feet and placed a totem with that knowledge in mind.

    When they mentioned location specific gathering, i was under the impression that all the normal stuff would be available as usual, but RARE items with special bonuses would be localised.

    Trade from zone to zone, whilst rather encumbered is not an option.

    I want to see movement from zone to zone and i want there to be a reason to trade, fight and defend resourses but this is rediculous.

    It is unfair to now tell me my zone only has crap resourses in the ground after all the effort i have put in to making a place to call home.

    I cannot express how dissapointed i am with this. This has really destroyed my feeling for the game right now. I do not want to have to spend countless hours travelling just to collect basic items that we have taken for granted as being under our feet.

    And soon there will be death penalties, so there wont be the option of cliffjumping to get home.

    I need to say these next few paragraphs for the good of this game and i do not mean any disrespect to Jordi or the Devs, but i just need to be honest here......

    Jordi and the devs - do you actually play your own game? Are you blindly making decisions based on what you THINK might be cool? I am now wondering if you understand the mechanics of your own game from a "playing and enjoying the game" perspective.

    I strongly urge you to take a step back, spend some time playing your own game and understand what it is to be a player of the game. It seems pretty obvious to me that you have not played your own game for some time.

    For example - why introduce the combat system before there is a reason to fight players or creatures ingame to fight?

    Why introduce such a rediculous resourse distribution system when you have not implemented:

    1. faster long distance travel via mounts or something similar
    2. a way to carry water
    3. a way to move large amounts of items (ie. carts, pack mules or similar)

    I hope that you rework this resourse distribution thing soon because i know i will not want to play this game much longer if you are going down this path. It is just too time consuming and absolutely annoying to traverse zone after zone for a small amount of stuff that i could get locally before.

    For me, today is a sad day for Xsyon, unfortunately.

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    It's really awful, even 250m away you can't scavenge ANYTHING. 50+ scavenges at 250m away 90 scavenging and 93 perception should give me SOMETHING, even if its a basic item.

    Before it was too easy, now FAR too hard. Just needs some balancing.

    Keep in mind ofc this was all done on a junkpile

    Added after 8 minutes:

    This morning I am able to find stuff in the same area. Maybe the resources shift around...although I did seem extremely bugged last night. Maybe that was it. I had to relog to even discover I had learned the gate recipe.

    Now have scavenged about 15 times, found items 10 of the time. All I am finding is cloth and junk plastic. They really did remove most resources from most junk piles.

    Added after 6 minutes:

    Also, I think when it says "Area is devoid of useful items" it means you are too close to boundary.


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    common items (stone, wood, plastic, leather, metal) = prelude zones

    rare items (rare stone, rare wood, rare plastic, rear leather, rare metal) = expansion zones

    common item distribution (different wood types, different stone types) variable, but present throughout all regions...but different in each...assuming each has its own properties.

    Rare item distribution varies throughout expansion zones.

    scavenging rules - proximity rules in effect in expansion areas. Not in effect in prelude areas (BECAUSE IT IS TOTEM FEST AND THERE IS NO WAY TO REMOVE THEM). proximity rules in effect in expansion areas.

    totem placement - anything goes in original prelude areas. Exapansion totems only in expansion areas.

    ...seems fairly common sensical.

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    doesn't it though Dub?

    No new zones without expansion totems. Move rare resources to an area where no safe totems will be within 1000m.


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    If this is to Jordi, then I'd like to add a little note I've had in the back of my mind for quite some time.

    When I look at the developer's bios and experience, I see people who are most likely brilliant at the technical side of creating a game. That's a great thing. Good programmers, mathematicians, artists, all are key.

    However, I don't see anyone with much of a cultural or psychological background to handle the softer technicalities of game design. I believe these softer technicalities are equally important to the harder ones.

    If the notion is to take a substantial amount of direction and feedback from the playerbase to serve that purpose, I worry about this a great deal. The answer above this one is a perfect example. I bought a game based on your (Jordi) explanation of the game you were going to design. I would not, and will not, buy a game that Dubanka or other more combat-centric players would design. No offense meant, and I'm sure he wouldn't want to play a game I'd design. I buy a game from a company. That company is you. The playerbase is not.

    The point is, a number of players wanted more focus on combat and regional resources. That may well have been your plan as you've mentioned conflict over resources which would be difficult without more resource segregation.

    BUT, I do not want to risk investing time in a game run by a community of people I would not hire for the job in question. I would like to know that the game's direction is driven by yourself and those you hire with the right competencies and background. Not a hodgepodge of self-proclaimed game designers who, in my opinion, are not qualified.

    Thanks for the time and ear(eyes).

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    Book, I completely agree. I wouldn't buy your game either

    one issue that has been at the forefront of my brief time in this community has been that the design issues have been very short on specifics. The current implementation is an example of where it seems fairly obvious that the devs are firing from the hip and trying to implement something cool and necessary but really haven't looked at it from a gamers point of view...

    Lets just look at the design from a functional standpoint.

    1. Build up a homestead/tribal area. A new player is goingto plant a totem pretty close to where they pop into the world...they need to get their feet under them, learn mechanics, etc. a new player is NOT going to trek for an hour into the wilderness to plop down their first totem.
    Common sense moment: Areas surrounding the lake should have decent levels of basic (non-rare) resources. That there are variations of 'common' resources based upon geography is great...but they should be present nonetheless.
    Duh moment: We want the players not to say, 'wtf this is bs' when they realize they can't do/get half the stuff they need to do something. They are new. They aren't going to feel comfortable trading. New players need to be self sufficient at a basic level.

    2. Resource : Totem proximity. This is a great concept for competetive areas. This is a great concept for determine tribal influence. THis is horrible implementation for areas that are, or have the capeability to be, populated heavily by totems....horrible implimentation simply because much of the current prelude land is bumper to bumper by coding it in the manner that was, a huge portion of land is now wasteland/devoid of resource...this would be a '..have you actually played your game?' moment.

    3. Rare resource implementation. Because of 1 and 2 being so borked, i can't really comment here, and this gets my opinion pretty pvp/conflict centric and thus heavily divisive in this i will refrain

    4. Introduction of more land area without co introduction of either satellite totems or 'freight''re supposed to run for an hour, not get killed, scavenge etc, and suicide/run back, wash rinse repeat? or we're supposed to abandon the areas we've been building up for the past several months? I'm really kind of scratching my head at this one. Why would we increase land mass without introducing some form of expansion totem of travel ability to deal with the extra distance? THis is a 'duh' moment.

    see book? design issues with no mention of pvp centricism

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCalGooey View Post
    Also, I think when it says "Area is devoid of useful items" it means you are too close to boundary.
    Are you on the edge of the green mist? This message should show up only in green mist areas that haven't been assigned resources yet. Please report what territory you are in as we need to add resources to these border areas as we finish the distribution map.

    There are rare and useful resources in every area now, they are just distributed by type and the most apparent thing reading this is that the scavenging chances for rare items need to be adjusted. Thanks for all the feedback.

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    New system is bad, because it wasnt tested, balanced, and all the other reasons in this thread.
    Still waiting for a reason to use any of these items in game over another item in game. Right now I can make every item in the game, and I cant trade anything because NOTHING is of value because no one needs anything nor wants anything.

    I kill ALL animals in 1 hit now. (Thanks new patch for making me even more OP) (Also holding attacks does 0 extra damage)
    AI is retarded at best.
    Resources and items have no value because, they are rare but who cares, why would I want this rare over another rare? All Im doing is grinding skills for no reason or making pretty buildings for no reason.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    Are you on the edge of the green mist? This message should show up only in green mist areas that haven't been assigned resources yet. Please report what territory you are in as we need to add resources to these border areas as we finish the distribution map.

    There are rare and useful resources in every area now, they are just distributed by type and the most apparent thing reading this is that the scavenging chances for rare items need to be adjusted. Thanks for all the feedback.
    Yes, zone 904 is myzone. I was scavenging in the zone just South, 864. Some of our boundary is completely covered in green. Where I was scavenging was the junkpile south in 864, not covered in green, but within 500m of the green.


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    Sometimes Dev should just leave a game as it is and STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE..
    Jesus freaking christ. Too many resources.. To Few resources.. before this patch there were too many resources now they are too hard to get..

    I mean what kind of players are you..? Whiners? I agree the system is bugged but seriously going berserk when YOU want changes.. Is lame..

    It requires a balance. The system in it self is okay, it is just a bit aggressive.

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