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    Totem Moves

    Add a button to "Check here to see if i can plant a totem". Occasionally the message that you have entered another tribal area gets skipped. That bit me today. I found a good place to plant a totem. Or so I thought. I was carefully watching for the notice. even walked around quite a bit. Just in case i missed the message, i wanted to be sure that i could put the totem where i wanted, or near it. I was sure. I abandon my old tribe and attempted to place the totem. Then, and only then, did it mention someone elses tribal area. I was too close to it. As a matter of fact, i was in it. eventually, i found their totem and knew what had happened. the system had failed to notify me that i was entering their tribal area. As a check for the next time, i would like to see a buton added that would allow players to confirm wheather or not a totem can be planted where they stand. They could use it BEFORE they drop from their old tribe.

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    I'd prefer to have a status icon to show me wether i am in a tribes area or not, maybe just a small light indicator, green for free land and red for in a tribes area.
    Theres plenty of space under the hotkey bar for a small status icon like that, and it means no extra clicking needed to see it.

    Definitly needs to be some indication more than the text message as to wether your in another tribes area.

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